2019 Nationals Entry Form

2019 National Championship Entry Form

Use this online form to register to compete at the WE United National Championship and/or A-Rated competition at Del Mar Horsepark taking place October 10-13, 2019! We will send you an invoice through PayPal once your form has been processed. The invoice will be set to allow you to pay all at once or in installments, whichever works better for you!
  • In acknowledgment of the extra expenses incurred by those traveling from long distances, we offer a discount of $300 on entry fees for horses traveling 700 or more miles, one way, for the show. Please provide the city/state where the horse will be traveling from if you would like to be considered for this discount.
  • All competitors are required to be members of WE United. If your membership is not current, please indicate here that you need to join, and we will invoice you for a 2019 membership.
  • All horses must be registered with WE United. Lifetime Horse Recording with WE United is 100% free! Go to: https://goo.gl/forms/Hjn40NAe81aT2HRL2 to register your horse.
    Note: all classes will be run as Open classes unless there is a sufficient number of entries to justify splitting into divisions. A class will be split into Open/Amateur/Youth divisions provided there will still be at least 3 or more entries in each of the split classes. In the case of a split, ribbons will be awarded in each of the split classes. AMATEUR: please refer to USEF Rule GR1306. If you receive $ for riding or providing riding instruction, you are likely ineligible to compete as an Amateur. Youth: 8-17 years old as of January 2019.
    Entry Fee = $650 (includes ALL trials offered for that level). Children's Level = $500.
    Entry Fee = $500 (includes ALL trials offered for that level). Exhibition Leadline EOH class = $25.
  • Price: $200.00 Quantity:
    Please indicate how many of this stalls you would like to reserve with this entry (don't forget tack /feed stall, dressing room, etc.).
  • Please let us know if your horse is a stallion / needs to be in a stall without contact with other horses, etc., as well as if you would like to be stabled nearby someone else (provide names).
    Entries in either the National Championship or A-Rated Show division are encouraged to enter the optional $100 Pay-To-Play Dressage and EOH Sweepstakes. For the Sweepstakes, competitors’ Dressage and EOH scores will be added together (the Speed trial will not be included in the Sweepstakes to enable Intro level riders to compete as well). All sweepstakes money contributed will be paid out to the TOP FIVE finishers, based on their Dressage and EOH scores combined, regardless of level.
  • The National Show depends on sponsors to help ensure that we can provide a wonderful experience for all. Please consider pledging your sponsorship today (every $ counts... sponsorship pledges can be in ANY amount!).
  • By entering a WE United-licensed Competition and signing this entry blank as the Rider and on behalf of myself and my principals, representatives, employees and agents, I agree that I am subject to the Bylaws and Rules of The Working Equitation Rules for the United States of America and the local rules of the competition. I agree to be bound by the Bylaws and Rules of WE United and the competition, including the WE United Code of Conduct. I will accept as final the decision of the competition officials on any question arising under the Rules, and agree to release and hold harmless the competition, WE United, their officials, directors and employees for any action taken under the Rules. I represent that I am eligible to enter and/or participate under the rules, and every horse I am entering is eligible as entered. I also agree that as a condition of and in consideration of acceptance of entry, WE United and/or the competition may use or assign photographs, videos, audios, cable-casts, or other likenesses of me and my horse taken during the course of the competition for the promotion, coverage or benefit of the competition, sport, or WE United. Those likenesses shall not be used to advertise a product and they may not be used in such a way as to jeopardize amateur status. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release any rights in connection with such use, including any claim to compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to misappropriation. The construction and application of WE United rules are governed by the State of Oregon, and any action instituted against WE United must be filed in Oregon. WE United Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Indemnification This document waives important legal rights. Read it carefully before signing. I AGEE in consideration for my participation in this Competition to the following: I AGREE that I choose to participate voluntarily in the Competition with my horse, as a rider, owner, or as parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor. I am fully aware and acknowledge that horse sports and the Competition involve inherent dangerous risks of accident, loss, and serious bodily injury including broken bones, head injuries, trauma, pain, suffering, or death (“Harm”). I AGREE to release WE United and the Competition from all claims for money damages or otherwise for any Harm to me or my horse and for any Harm caused by me or my horse to others, even if the Harm resulted, directly or indirectly, from the negligence of WE United or the Competition. I AGREE to expressly assume all risks of Harm to me or my horse, including Harm resulting from the negligence of WE United or the Competition. I AGREE to indemnify (that is, to pay any losses, damages, or costs incurred by) WE United and the Competition and to hold them harmless with respect to claims for Harm to me or my horse, and for claims made by others for any Harm caused by me or my horse at the Competition. I understand that I am entitled to wear protective equipment without penalty. If I am a parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor, I consent to the child’s participation and AGREE to assume all of the obligations of this Release on the child’s behalf. I AGREE that “WE United” and “Competition” as used above includes all of the officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, personnel, volunteers and affiliated organizations. I AGREE that if I am injured at this competition, the medical personnel treating my injuries may provide information on my injury and treatment to WE United on the official WE United accident/injury report form. I represent that I have the requisite training, coaching and abilities to safely compete in this competition. BY SIGNING ABOVE, I AGREE to be bound by all applicable WE United Rules and all terms and provisions of this entry blank. I further state that my typed name / electronic signature above shall be considered my legal signature for the purpose of this liability waiver / entry agreement.