2019 North American Championship

The 2019 North American Championship (an A-Rated show licensed by WE United) will be held October 10 (move in and vet check) through 13, 2019 at the Del Mar Horse Park, near San Diego, California!

With 78 entries, the WE United 2019 North American Championships are officially SOLD OUT! Congratulations, to all who got their entries sent in by our cutoff!

Click HERE to download a PDF of the 2019 North American Championship Show Premium.

CLICK HERE to pre-order shavings ($11/bag), hay ($20 for alfalfa, $19 for bermuda, $32 for timothy), reserve an RV spot ($40/day) and/or order your official 2019 North American WE Championship polo shirt! (shirts must be ordered and paid for by September 18 and will be available at the Championship for pick up (no delivery, sorry!).













CHILDREN (2 entries– will move to Championship class if qualifying score is received by October 6)
Paityn Stedman, Belinda PBH, Arizona
Addison Portillo, Prince Charming, California

INTRODUCTORY (5 entries – will move to Championship class if qualifying score is received by October 6)
Holly Devnich, Elena MABU, Arizona
Hayley Pelton, Norfleet’s Will Do, California
Rafay Maker-Agha, Dakota, California
Hadley Chapman, Prada del Rio, California
Kimberly Muller, Apatche, California


CHILDREN (3 entries)
Ellie Bloom, Karmen Ghia, Oregon
Annika Davis, Lonestar Milly, Oregon
Ariana Flood, Olena’s Smart Bar, Oregon

Bailey Yee, Felllegend Flower, California
Brennan Adams, Nakita Ljeb, Oregon
Ashley Lanning, Quinn’s Star, Oregon
Mia Rollins, Triple Royal Tee, Oregon

Andrea Sullivan, Ce’u do Fino, California
Laine Berkeley, Peppy’s Classy Fortune, Washington
Denise Lukins, Rainmaker, Washington
Michelle Fox, Jack, Oregon
Barbara Lawson, Dom Do Nico, California
Diana Inch, Luckylou Nadja Captain-Jack, Oregon
Denise Lawton, OHK Krymsun Gold, California
Susan Kirsten Rehfeld, Autumn II, California
Becky Sherven, Lena, Wisconsin
Jodi Klier-Butler, Nydia H, Oregon

Howard Peet, CDC Corazón, Illinois
Bryan Ludens, Crixus ZL, California

Jessica Mosbaugh, Legendary S, California
Howard Peet, Arturo PA, Illinois
Abigail Followwill, Norfleets Will Do, California
Abigail Followwill, El Campeon’s Donatello, California
Abigail Followwill, El Campeon’s Truffles, California
Mikey Harchol, Aurelia of Genesis, California
Ashley Bowers, Belinda, Arizona
Trisha Kiefer-Reed, Highly Prescribed (Pumbaa), Montana

NOVICE A AMATEUR (14 entries)
Andrea Lora, Zarah, California
Darlene Arledge, Stylin Twist, California
Kathy Orr, Mouse, Oregon
Val Pearson, FS Tesoro Nobel, California
Alethia Saladino, Pascoa, California
Suzanne Vliestra, Aurelia of Genesis, California
Sue Grant, Carol’s Legacy, California
Colleen Wright, On Fire, California
Karen Corsini, Papago Bandit (Poco), Oregon
Brenda Smith, Della D Salute (Jules), Oregon
Amanda Latta-Portillo, Maximus, California
Amanda Latta-Portillo, Prince Charming, California
Kris Blacklock, Boon Ocean Blue, Wisconsin
Susie Hopper, Lanza Sundance, California

NOVICE A YOUTH (6 entries)
Katie Guscar, Gospel Lyrics, Michigan
Kaylie Cox, Sille van de Veenhoeve, California
Lilith Ehrich, American All Star, California
Rachel Kahane, LeoCadio DiCaprio, Oregon
Reagan Riggs, MCR Ain’t Afraid to be Lazy, Oregon
Tristan Cruden, SR Lady of Chance, Oregon

NOVICE A OPEN (9 entries)
Lisa Scebbi, Unique Jewel Galan, California
Laura Stutesman, Vidandric, Oregon
Shannon Yee, Braeberry Ruby, California
Stacey Riggs, General George, Oregon
Nicole Chastain, Paso Doble WAE, California
Nicole Chastain, Catattak, California
Abigail Followwill, El Campeon’s Cochise, California
Ashley Bowers, Elena MABU, Arizona
Matt French, Forcado, California

NOVICE B OPEN (4 entries)
Bryan Ludens, Lark of Honor Bright, California
Nicole Chastain, Tiara’s Nicolette, California
Margit Deerman, Panadero XLVI, California
Robin Bond, Kiger Zapata KCA, California

Kristina Eckert, Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro, Oregon
Sarah Pinney, Cielo 2007, California
Howard Peet, SM Serafin, Illinois
Nicole Chastain, Sausalito Jullyen V, California
Bob Lawson, Rips Rey Jay (Rusty), California
Miguel Undabarrena, Gunipre, Arizona
Polly Limond, Ikaros da Lusitania, California

Robin Bond, Burladero, California
Miguel Undabarrena, Império do Castanheiro, Arizona

ADVANCED OPEN (2 entries)
Kerry Marit, Ministro V, Alberta, Canada
Rebecca Algar, Sharp Drezzed Man, California


$10,000 Family Foundation, to support youth!

J-S Ranch$1000 Sponsor!

El Campeón Farms – $500 Sponsor!
Polly Limond – $500 Dressage Sponsor!
Sue Grant
 – $500 Ease of Handling Sponsor!
Barbara Price, Torre Piñon Farms – $500 Speed Sponsor!
Nicole Chastain Training $500 Sponsor!
Grand Meadows$500 Sponsor!
Rockin US Australian Stock Horses & Steele Halters – $500 Sponsor!
Caldwell Banker, Dee Dee English, Realtor– $500 Sponsor!

Christy Reich – $250 Sponsor!
Ray & Elena Juarez – $250 Sponsor!
Jane Silk –$150 Sponsor!

Kerry Marit – $100 Sponsor!
Linda King – 
$100 Sponsor!
Sarah Pinney – $100 Sponsor!
Alethia Saladino – $100 Sponsor!
Aimee Ziller – $100 Sponsor!
Rancho de Felicidad– $100 Sponsor
Reindance Riding, Kristina Eckert – $100 Sponsor!
The Howard Family Trust– June Dorthy Howard – $100 Sponsor!
The Baldwin 2003 Trust$100 Sponsor!
Cari Schwartz – $50 Sponsor!
Trish Hyatt, Working Equitation Simplified Online Courses – Exhibitor Perks Sponsor!
Mary’s Botanicals – Exhibitor Perks Sponsor!

All scores earned since the first United National Championship Show (Sept. 1-3, 2017) at licensed WE Competitions and judged by WE United, WAWE, or WAWE-member-nation recognized judges will count for qualification. 

This premier horse show facility was chosen for its beauty, temperate weather, and proximity to a very active membership base.

The dates were selected to avoid conflicts with other already-existing WE shows and with a desire to have the Championship as late in the competition season as possible.

For those making the journey from outside the area, travel with horses to the San Diego vicinity should be fairly easy at this time of the year. Temperatures should make travel safe for horses, and mountain passes should still be clear.

A $300 discount on entry fee will be offered for those traveling more than 700 miles (one way) to attend the show, in recognition of the extra expenses incurred during travel.

Eligibility Requirements
Because this show is designed to recognize the top horse/rider pairs competing in Working Equitation on the North American continent, the scores must be earned at a WE competition in North America. However, there will be no limitation related to residency/country of origin at this Championship. All competitors at the Championship must be current members of WE United with WE United Horse Recording numbers, but qualifying scores can be earned prior to joining WE United, provided official results to verify the scores are available.

What does it take to qualify to compete at the North American Championships?  To compete in the North American Championship, horse/rider pairs must qualify. Horse/rider pairs qualify by earning a combined average Dressage & Ease of Handling score of 58% or higher and not disqualifying in Speed (Novice A and above) at any licensed WE show in North America with a judge licensed by WE United, WAWE, or a WAWE-member nation, from September 4 of 2017 through October 6 of 2019. You do not need to have qualified prior to entering. Those who have not earned qualifying scores prior to October 6 will be scheduled in the A-Rated classes, while those who have qualified will compete in the Championship.


Doreen Atkinson, TX
André Ganc, Brazil
Jill Barron, Canada


North American Championship

Ribbons, 1st– 5thfor the top five finishers in each trial (Dressage, EOH, and Speed)

Neck Sashes, 1st– 6thfor the top six overall finishers in each class.

Special Awards for the North American Champion and North American Reserve Champion in each class.

A-Rated Show

Ribbons, 1st– 5thfor the Overall Placings in each class.


Championship Classes:
$650 Entry Fee for Novice A – Masters
$500 Entry Fee for Children’s and Introductory Level

A-Rated Classes: $500 Entry Fee (includes all trials offered)

Office Fee: $50 per horse/rider (Not refundable, even with veterinarian/doctor excuse)

Stall Fee: $200 per stall, whether used for stabling or tack. This fee covers stall use from Thursday, Oct. 10 – Monday, Oct. 14. Additional days can be reserved for $45/day per stall.

In acknowledgment of the extra expenses incurred by those traveling from long distances, we offer a discount of $300 on entry fees for horses traveling 700 or more miles, one way, for the show.

RV Spots – available on site for $40/day.

How does the Committee decide on the cost of the entry fee?  The show committee works hard to keep costs down, yet there are certain expenses that have to be covered. The largest expense, by far, covers personnel costs. The U.S. Rules for Working Equitation require that National Championship classes be judged by a minimum of two high-level judges (“S” is the lowest-level judge able to officiate). A licensed Technical Delegate is also required to be in attendance throughout the competition (including move-in day when the veterinary inspections take place).  The Show Committee will be hiring a Show Secretary to ensure that all paperwork is in order and competitors’ needs are met throughout the event.  We will have an announcer to help keep things running smoothly as well as to run the music. In addition, the show must have on-site (not just on call) the following personnel throughout the competition: veterinarian, farrier, and EMT. For officials/staff who do not live in the area, the entry fees must cover plane fare and parking fees in their home airport, hotel rooms, meals, and transport while at the show, in addition to daily honorariums.

After staffing, the next biggest expense is the facility itself. Facility costs include: arena rental (both the competition arena and warm-up arenas must be paid for), costs to work the footing in the arenas to keep it in good shape for competitors, manure disposal, stall rental, shavings purchase, office rental, and clean up costs all must be factored in.

Awards generally comprise the next biggest expense. We want the awards to be appropriate for a National Championship Show – this means nice neck sashes for the overall champions, trophies/other high-end awards or Champion and Reserve, and high-quality rosettes for those who do well in the individual trials.

We are planning to produce and print keepsake Show Programs to help commemorate the Championship. At our first National Championship show, this came to $1820, and we anticipate a similar cost in 2019.  As always, there is also an insurance premium to pay as well as a variety of office supplies (one goes through quite a bit of ink at a show this large!).


Do you like the idea of cash prizes? Entries in either the National Championship or A-Rated Show division are encouraged to enter the optional $100 Pay-To-Play Dressage and EOH Sweepstakes. For the Sweepstakes, competitors’ Dressage and EOH scores will be added together (the Speed trial will not be included in the Sweepstakes to enable Intro level riders to compete as well). All sweepstakes money contributed will be paid out to the TOP FIVE finishers, based on their Dressage and EOH scores combined, regardless of level.  Examples of payout amounts, based on different # of people entering the Sweepstakes, are displayed in a table in the Show Premium.


The Show Committee is committed to having a well-organized, well-run show. To help ensure that show officials have enough time to enter all competitors’ information into the show software, print class lists, etc., we are requesting your help in getting entry materials sent in on time. All entries must be received before September 11.Please be sure to enter well in advance or EMAIL your entry and pay your fees by PayPal. If the entry is received after the deadline, it will be considered late and will not be eligible for entry.  No exceptions will be granted to this entry deadline. Given the uncertainty of the postal service, we highly recommend signing up online (see link, at top of page) well in advance and/or sending your entry and check with a guaranteed delivery date. Please do NOT require a signature for delivery if mailing (doing so can delay your entry receipt date).

Refund Policy

In the event you must cancel for health reasons, entry fees are refundable with signed letter from veterinarian or doctor documenting inability to compete for health reasons, if received by October 8, 2019.  The only refunds that will be issued after October 8 are for horses eliminated during the Veterinary Inspection on October 10 1 will be eligible for refund of entry fee. No refunds will be made for reasons unrelated to health. Substitutions of horses/riders ARE allowed provided they are emailed to WorkingEquitationUnited@gmail.comby October 1.

The competition will use the United States Rules for Working Equitation.  Please make sure you have a copy of the current rules. They can be found on www.WEUnited.us— go to the link for “Rules & Dressage Tests”.

Horse Recording
All horses must be registered with WE United. Lifetime Horse Recording with WE United is 100% free!  Go to: https://goo.gl/forms/Hjn40NAe81aT2HRL2to register your horse.

Use of helmets is encouraged for all competitors and is required for all riders 18 years or younger whenever they are mounted.

Health Papers
All horses must have a current negative Coggin’s Test and Health Certificate to be allowed on the grounds. Please bring a copy with you to leave with the show office when you check in.


Thursday, October 10:  Move in day! Please plan to arrive by 3 pm.

9:00 AM  Show office opens, marking the official start of the show.

Noon – 6 PM Veterinary Inspection. All competing horses must pass veterinary inspection.

Veterinary Inspection procedure:  All horses must be presented in hand by the people who will be riding them in the competition. Horses must be presented unsaddled in either the bridle they will be using during the competition or in a halter.  Entry numbers must be affixed to the horse’s bridle/halter or worn by the competitor. Horses will be asked to stand for inspection, and will be asked to walk and trot in hand so the vet can verify their health and soundness prior to the start of the competition. Any horses deemed by the veterinarian as unfit for competition based on signs of lameness or potential illness shall not be permitted to compete (refund of entry fee applies. Stall fees are non-refundable).

6:30 PM   Exhibitor Meeting, Welcome Party & Socializing in the VIP Tent near the show office (not required, but we’d love to have people participate).

Friday, October 11

Dressage Trial: Start time 7:00 AM.

Saturday, October 12

Ease of Handling Trial: Start time 7:00 AM. Order of go is reverse order of placings after Dressage.

6:30 PM Progressive Barn Party & EOH Awards (no horses, please). Please gather at the barn area for a quick celebration of the EOH results (and to pick up your ribbons if you placed in the Top 5, followed by a progressive barn party (exhibitors are asked to provide snacks/beverages to share if they are able).

Sunday, October 13

EOH Trial: Start time: 8:00 AM — finishing up the last of the EOH classes.
Speed Trial:  Start time: 12:40 PM. Order of go is reverse order of placings after EOH.

6:00 PM        Awards Ceremony– All who are receiving Overall Awards (Champion through 6thplace in each National Championship class and through 5thplace in each A-Rated Show class, please come, mounted on your horse, in full show tack and attire, suitable for awards photos. We anticipate the Awards Ceremony will last approximately one hour.

Monday, October 14

Move out day – all stalls must be vacated by 2 pm.

Join us!  
Those who attended our first National Championship in 2017 are still talking about the great memories from that show. There was a lot of laughter and enthusiastic support for all involved.  We’re looking forward to making our 2019 Championship every bit as fun and welcoming as our inaugural event in 2017. We hope you can join us!


About the Area

hotel logo

Del Mar is a great place to stay during a Southern California vacation. Downtown San Diego is 20 miles to the south, the Mexican border city of Tijuana is about 40 miles to the south, and Los Angeles is about 100 miles to the north.

Here are the websites of some nearby hotels (within 10 miles of the Fairgrounds) to aid you in your vacation planning. (Click the hotel name.)

Hotels – Del Mar and Solana Beach

San Diego Del Mar Hilton, 858-792-5200 or 800-833-7904, Del Mar
L’ Auberge Del Mar Resort And Spa, 858-259-1515 or 800-222-8733, Del Mar
Hotel Indigo Del Mar, 877-270-1392, Del Mar
Best Western Premier Hotel Del Mar, 858-755-9765, Del Mar
Del Mar Motel, 858-755-1534 or 800-223-8449, Del Mar
Les Artiste Hotel, 858-755-4646, Del Mar
Courtyard by Marriott, 858-792-8200 or 800-232-2407, Solana Beach
Holiday Inn Express, 858-350-0111, Solana Beach

Hotels – Rancho Santa Fe, Carmel Valley, Del Mar Heights

Morgan Run Resort & Club, 858-756-2471 or 800-378-4653, Rancho Santa Fe
Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, 858-756-1131 or 800-843-4661, Rancho Santa Fe
Hampton Inn, 858-947-2111, Del Mar Heights area of San Diego
Doubletree Hotel Del Mar, 858-481-5900, main; or 858-764-0270, groups
Hilton Garden Inn, 858-720-9500
Homewood Suites by Hilton-San Diego-Del Mar, 858-523-0500
The Grand Del Mar, 858-314-2000
Marriott Del Mar, 858-523-1700
Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego Del Mar, 858-481-8800 for individual reservations or 760-685-2709 for groups

Hotels – Sorrento Valley, La Jolla

Hyatt House San Diego, 858-597-0500, San Diego
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine, 858-552-1234 or 800-633-7313, La Jolla
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, 858-558-1500, La Jolla
Residence Inn La Jolla, 858-587-1770, La Jolla
Residence Inn Sorrento Mesa, 858-552-9100, San Diego
Courtyard Sorrento Mesa, 858-558-9600, San Diego
Extended Stay Sorrento Mesa, San Diego
Country Inn & Suites by Carlson – San Diego North, 858-558-1818, San Diego
Staybridge Suites, San Diego-Sorrento Mesa, 858-453-5343, San Diego

Hotels – Cardiff, Encinitas

Holiday Inn Express Encinitas, 760-944-0427, Cardiff by the Sea
Howard Johnson, 760-944-3800, Encinitas
EconoLodge, 760-436-4999 or 800-567-6362, Encinitas
Days Inn, 760-944-0260 or 800-795-6044, Encinitas
Best Western Encinitas Inn and Suites, 760-942-7455 or 800-528-1234, Encinitas

Hotels – Carlsbad

Hilton Garden Inn, 760-476-0800 or 800-322-9993, Carlsbad
La Quinta Inn Carlsbad, 760-438-2828 or 800-786-5492, Carlsbad
Hampton Inn, 800-675-8738, Carlsbad
Grand Pacific Resorts, 760-827-2400
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, 760-603-6800 or 800-332-2442
Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, 760-438-9111 or 800-854-5000
Holiday Inn Carlsbad by the Sea, 760-438-7880 or 800-266-7880
Ramada Carlsbad by the Sea, 760-438-2285

Tourist information

If you’re planning a vacation while you attend the San Diego County Fair or another event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, these pages will give you information about the surrounding area.