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2019 WE Award Winner Rachel Kahane and her Andalusian “LeoCadio Decaprio”

Rachel and her eleven year old Andalusian “LeoCadio Decaprio” aka Rio, have much to celebrate this year! In 2019 for the WE Year-End Awards, at the Novice A level, this team achieved National Awards of #1 Junior rider, #2 Horse/Rider, #2 Horse, #3 American Rider, plus Regional Awards of #2 Horse/Rider, and Rio won Breed High Point, #1 Andalusian!

Rachel has owned Rio for nearly two years, and credits her trainer Elizabeth Brown with much of their success. Rachel says she had some WE experience prior to owning Rio, but became much more serious when she and Rio started competing. Before Rio, Rachel says she was primarily a Western rider who favored trail classes. Rio’s flamboyant personality taught her to love dressage, and Rachel taught him to love the obstacle work. She says Rio enjoys all three phases as it gives him an audience to show off to!

Rachel states “I love Working Equitation because at the end of the day it’s about patience and having a bond with your horse, if you have an unbreakable bond, as a team you can accomplish anything!”

Thank you for sharing your story and lovely photos with us, we look forward to your continued success with Rio in Working Equitation and in all of your adventures with him!



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