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2019 WE Award Winners Susan Watkins and her Mustang “Kiger Dios Estoy Aqui “


Susan Watkins found Working Equitation in 2010 when it was just becoming known in the U.S. outside of the Andalusian and Lusitano horse world. She says it’s the perfect sport for any horse and rider, and  feels Working Equitation is especially great for Mustangs, as they are welcome on a level playing field, unlike most other equestrian sports geared for specific breeds. In 2019 this amazing team won WE National Awards in Intermediate Level A: # 7 Horse and rider, #4 Horse(tie) #6 American rider, and #1 Kiger Mustang!

Kiger Dios Estoy Aqui  or “Dime” is a 2010 Kiger Mustang born in the wild and gathered in 2011. Susan adopted him in 2011 without a plan, and Dime said to her: “I want to do Working Equitation!” Susan says he was definitely right!

Susan started Dime under saddle in 2014 when he was four years old.  Due to the partnership between this horse and his owner, with their combined passion and talent for the sport of Working Equitation, Susan and Dime have made the Top 10 for the last two years, with over 15 Champion and Reserve Championship titles in WE competitions!

Susan says “Because of the diversity of training needed, this is the perfect sport for horse and rider. Working Equitation requires consistent, thoughtful training to create the unity and confidence needed to do the sport correctly. What I love most, is that it encourages riders to learn about the history of working horsemanship, and the cattle handling skills of their country and the other countries competing in this sport. It is truly the United Nations of the Equestrian World.”

“Kiger Dios Estoy Aqui” in translation means: (Kiger Mustang Horse) “God, I’m Here” Thank you, Susan Watkins, for sharing your wonderful story and photos with us!


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