2019 WE United Elections Results

Nearly three times as many members voted in this year’s election, compared to last year.

Please join us in congratulating the newly-elected members of the WE United Board of Directors:

President Elect – Trisha Kiefer-Reed, Montana
Secretary – Tracey Erway, Oregon
Region 1 Director – Sheila Mealey, Montana
Region 3 Director – Cindy Branham, Kansas
Region 5 Director –Emily Kemp, Wisconsin
Region 7 Director – Heather Walters, Florida

The transition to the new Board goes into effect on December 1. At that time, Polly Limond will rotate into the Past President position while Julie Alonzo will begin a one-year term as President. Sarah Pinney will continue as Region 2 Director, Kiki Pantaze retains her seat as Region 4 Director, Barry Dornon will continue to serve as Region 6 Director, and Erin O’Shaughnessy will continue in her role as Treasurer.

What a great group!


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