Members of WE United are a vital part of the sport. We would like to thank the many volunteers who are donating their time and skills to help working equitation continue to grow and thrive in the USA.

The following committees have been formally appointed by the elected Board of Directors:


Purpose: To (a) research Year End Awards to bring to the WE United Board for consideration and possible purchase, (b) oversee the purchase, distribution, and celebration (publicity campaigns) of Year End Awards, and (c) seek donations from companies / people / breed organizations to supplement the WE United Awards program.

Members: Julie Alonzo, R1, Oregon; Lyne Raff, R4, Texas; Kris Blacklock, R5, Wisconsin.


To (a) develop a written proposal for a Judge Training and Licensure Program to share with the WE United Board, (b) assist the Board with planning and organizing Judge Training Events, and (c) develop written applications and processes to be used by people applying for judge licensure with WE United.

Members: Cari Schwartz, R1, Oregon; Nicole Chastain, R2, California


Purpose: To review all applications for licensed officials (e.g., judges and technical delegates), conduct interviews with applicants for licensing, and make recommendations to the Board for licensing.

Chair: Doreen Atkinson, R4, Texas; Additional Members: Michael Vermaas, R4, Texas; Wayne Hipsley, R7, Kentucky.


To (a) develop written materials for show licensing to bring to the WE United Board for consideration and possible adoption, (b) assist Regional Directors and Regional Committees with providing information for show organizers across the different regions, (c) develop written applications and processes to be used by people applying for show licensure with WE United, and (d) develop written materials to be used by competitors, show organizers, and staff to provide feedback for competitions.

Chair: Becky Mathews, R1, Washington. Additional Members: Roxanne Turner, R3, Nebraska


Purpose: The committee shall be responsible for overseeing the organization’s financial transactions and the implementation of the organization’s financial policies.  As part of its mission, the committee shall review on a monthly basis, or oversee a monthly review of, the organization’s expenditures, financial transactions, bank statements, returned checks, and credit card statements.  The committee shall report any questions or concerns about the organization’s finances to the Board.  The committee shall also make the necessary arrangements for and oversee the organization’s annual audit or annual financial review

Chair: Michele Lincoln, R3, Nebraska. Additional Members: Nicole Grous, R1, Washington.


Purpose: The committee shall be responsible for planning and conducting the 2017 National Championship Show.  The shall propose a budget for approval by the Board of Directors. Once that budget is approved, the National Championship Show Committee shall have authority to expend funds within their budgeted amount and category. In addition, they will research potential sites for the 2018 National Championship Show and bring recommendations to the Board for consideration/approval.

Co-Chairs: Polly Limond, R2, California; Julie Alonzo, R1, Oregon. Additional Members: Barbara Price, R2, California; Erin O’Shaughnessy, R1, Oregon


Purpose: Regional Committees provide a point of contact for State Sub-Committees, Local Chapters, Members, and Potential Members in their area. The committees are responsible for providing the Board of Directors with monthly updates of working equitation events in their region, and working with the Regional Director to organize and/or promote at least one (1) WE United licensed competition and at least three (3) schooling shows and/or clinics that use the WE United rules in their region each year.

Each Regional Committee shall have the authority to appoint State Sub-Committees and Local Chapters, comprised of WE United members from their Region. State sub-committees should be created when there is sufficient activity within a state and a sufficient number of WE United members in that state to warrant creation of a sub-committee to assist the Regional Committee with the work of WE United specific to that state.

REGION 1: Chair: Cari Schwartz, Oregon. Additional Members: Lizann Dunegan, Oregon; Donna Luoma, Oregon.

REGION 4: Chair: Doreen Atkinson, Texas. Additional Members: Carol Marroquin, Texas; Kim Brunson, Texas; Michael Vermaas, Texas; Kimberly June, New Mexico (R2, so will shift to the Region 2 Committee once it has been appointed)

If you would like to volunteer with WE United and/or join one of our committees, please contact