Meeting Minutes & Reports

Transparency in a 501(c)(3) public-benefit charity, such as WE United, is important.  We think most people will agree that members deserve to know who is involved on Committees and the Board of Directors, as well as to have a way to stay informed about the ongoing work of the Association.

To that end, we provide links to Board of Directors’ meeting minutes on our public website.  Additional minutes are added as they move from Draft to Approved status.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

190423-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

190305-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

190114-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

181030_WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

180815-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

180530-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

180402-WE UnitedMinutes accepted – BOD

180220-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

171222 – WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

171115-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

171101-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170823-WE United Minutes accepted- BOD

170621-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170531-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170508-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170425-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170420-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170323-WE United Minutes accepted – BOD

170301-WE United minutes accepted-BOD

170224-WE United Minutes approved-BOD

170127-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

170116-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

170113-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

161222-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

161207-WE United Minutes approved – BOD

161118 WE United minutes – approved – BOD

161027 WE United minutes – approved – BOD

161020 WE United minutes – approved – BOD 

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

170612-WE United Minutes accepted – EC

170607-WE United Minutes accepted – EC

Awards Committee Meeting Minutes

Awards Committee Minutes_161205

Awards Committee Minutes_161128








Show Licensing and Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

SLOC Minutes – 171017

SLOC Minutes – 170505

SLOC Minutes – 170427

SLOC Minutes – 170420

SLOC Minutes – 170406

SLOC Minutes – 170327

SLOC Minutes – 170221

SLOC Minutes_170126

SLOC Minutes_170102

SLOC Minutes_161208

National Championship Show Committee Meeting Minutes

190220 – Nat Show Committee Minutes

170401- Nat Show Committee Minutes

170304- Nat Show Committee Minutes

170210-Nat Show Committee Minutes

170201-Nat Show Committee Minutes

Licensed Officials Committee Meeting Minutes

LOC Minutes_170517 – Approved

LOC Minutes_170511 – Approved

LOC Minutes_170427 – Approved

LOC Minutes_170419 – Approved

LOC Minutes_170413 – Approved

LOC Minutes_170406 – Approved

LOC Minutes_170330 – Approved

Governing Documents

WE United Bylaws: Approved Oct 20 2016

IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter

IRS Determination Letter WE United Aug 16 2016