Show Report: WEKS Saddle and Sirloin Show July 13th and 14th

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The weekend of July 13th and 14th Working Equitation of Kansas hosted a B-rated show at the Saddle and Sirloin club in Kansas City, MO. Tarrin Warren was chosen as the judge. Mark Beeler of the Saddle and Sirloin club was the show manager, with Sara Wasson acting as secretary.  Emily Kemp worked as the Technical Delegate. The Saddle and Sirloin club […]

Train the square halt

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Training the horse to halt is obviously important. Once you decide that you are preparing the halt for athletic or competitive purposes, it needs to be square. This looks simple when someone else can achieve it, but how can you become successful at this with your own horse? First things first; a square halt is […]

Back it up!

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Many Working Equitation obstacles require rein back. There is straight rein back, L , T, and slalom. A horse and rider that can back straight or on a designated pattern display lightness, balance, and control.  The rein back should be treated as any gymnastic exercise. The horse needs to be properly coordinated in order to […]

Simplify Your Gate Skills

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Featured image: Nicole Grous, photo by Michael T. Photography Gate training is indispensable  to any rancher’s horse. Working Equitation is designed to show the skills necessary to maneuver obstacles that closely represent the athleticism of a working ranch horse. Teamwork and focus are essential to tackling obstacles similar to those found in the fields. Where […]

Corners Matter!

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Bending your horse through a corner not only helps with suppleness, it’s also important for balance in your Dressage tests and also in those tight turns in Ease of Handling. We always want to strive for our horse bending around our inside leg, not pushing or bracing against our leg. The corners in your Dressage […]