Calling all BLM-Branded Mustangs and KMA Kigers!

WE United is delighted to announce that Branded BLM Mustangs and horses registered with the Kiger Mesteno Association are now eligible to compete for year-end high point recognition!

To be eligible for the Branded BLM Mustang high-point award, the owner/rider must provide evidence of BLM papers and/or a photo of the horse, clearly showing the BLM freeze brand on the horse’s left crest of the horse’s neck.

Horses registered with the Kiger Mesteno Association (KMA)  as a Kiger or 1/2 Kiger Mustang are eligible for the KMA High Point award.  Horses with BLM-Branding who are also registered with the KMA are eligible for both awards!

Please send documentation to and indicate in the subject line that you are providing evidence of your horse’s eligibility for these awards.

These awards are both made possible thanks to a generous donation from Susan Watkins, Kigers de los Californios, Riverside, CA.



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