Cari Schwartz: First Silver Medalist

Congratulations to Cari Schwartz on being the first person in the United States to earn their Silver Medal in Working Equitation!

Cari achieved this honor by earning three Intermediate Level Dressage and three Intermediate Level Ease of Handling scores of 62% or higher, as well as one additional Dressage and one additional Ease of Handling score of 65% or higher.

Cari earned her scores under three different WE United judges over the course of just two competition seasons (2016 and 2017). All her scores were earned on her self-trained Trakehner mare Exsarena. 

A student of the Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation, USA, since its inception, Cari has worked hard to share her knowledge with others. She regularly hosts clinics and schooling shows and is a WE United judge.

In 2016, Cari was elected to the WE United Board of Directors, where she holds the seat of Region 1 Director.

Congratulations, Cari! Your hard work and dedication have paid off!


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