Cheers to Linda Frazier & Rosie’s Chexie Lady, R3 Intermediate Level #1!

Kansas member Linda Frazier rode her 14-year-old Quarter Horse mare Rosie’s Chexie Lady, (Rosalie Mccray x Chex That Out), to the #1 spot in Region 3 at the Intermediate level for 2017.

Linda has owned Rosie since she was a foal. “She is a smooth energetic ride. Rosie was the first horse I started on my own. She can be a challenge because she is not always quiet and compliant. These challenges have stretched both of us to learn and improve ways of working together as a team.”

Some of the things the two have done together include reining, ranch pleasure, ranch trail and trail riding, and most recently Working Equitation!

“I heard about WE from Cindy Branham,” Linda explains. “I was competing in Extreme Obstacle Racing and wanted something with more horsemanship. The clinics made it very easy to learn about WE.”

Once she started in the sport, Linda was hooked. “The dressage has improved my riding and equitation. The obstacles are what keep it fun. I love learning and most of our shows have a clinic the day before with exceptional clinicians.”

Tarrin Warren is phenomenal!,” she reflected. “I have learned so much from her. She always remembers each of my horses and how they have improved or challenges they face. She has the same energy with her first lesson and her eighth lesson.  Lisa Harding was another exceptional clinician. We seemed to really click in our language of teaching and learning.”

The feedback and support she receives at WE competitions is also appealing to Linda. “I like the judging sheets with the scores and comments. You know exactly where you need to improve. Unlike many other breed shows, WE is a very loving, friendly and a supportive environment. I may never win a million bucks, but I have earned a lot of fun prizes.”

Linda wanted to be sure to thank the people who have made it possible for her and others to participate in the sport. “Cindy Branham and Kate Fowler for all their hard work organizing and hosting the Kansas shows. Alicia Little for organizing and hosting the Oklahoma shows.”



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