Congratulations, Caroline Holloway & Jetalito Dash!

Northern Oklahoma member Caroline Holloway and her self-trained Paint Horse Jetalito Dash (barn name “Shawty Pants”) finished the 2017 competition season 9th place among all horse/rider teams in Region 4 at the Intermediate Level. This accomplishment means even more because Caroline has done all the training herself.

“I bought Shawty as an unbroken 6-year-old filly,” Caroline explains. “My goals for her included barrel racing and ponying colts off of her. To date, no one has been on her back but me. She’s my personal, and quirky, mount!”

“Shawty is my go to horse for all aspects of ranch work. Sorting steers, working the alley, checking fence, etc.”

Caroline says that she sort of stumbled upon Working Equitation. “I actually found out about this great sport through facebook,” she admits. “There was a clinic nearby so I just signed up on a whim and have been hooked ever since!”

When asked what she likes about the sport, Caroline smiles. “WE is a great challenge to your horsemanship, it’s a great way for equestrians from all backgrounds and riding styles to come together and put their skills to the test!”

Caroline also emphasized how much she appreciates the people involved in the sport. “I would like to give a special mention to Alicia Lopez Little of Oklahoma City. She has single handedly brought working equitation to Oklahoma. She founded the Working Equitation Oklahoma organization and continues to introduce people to the sport and just in general make it available to folks here. Alicia never ceases to make new friends in this sport, and she brings in top-notch clinicians for us to learn from. If you take a moment to watch her work at one of her events, you will quickly see that she does this out of a pure love for our sport! She works hard for us, and it is truly appreciated.”

Congratulations on your achievements, Caroline, and thank you, Alicia, for helping introduce another wonderful person to this sport!


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