Congratulations, Lisa Everett & Katrina’s Symphony!

California member Lisa Everett and her 13-year-old Lipizzan/Anglo Arabian Katrina’s Symphony (Katrina x Maestoso Alberta) finished the 2017 competition season with a Top Ten finish in Region 2 standings at the Intermediate level.

The victory is even sweeter because Lisa bred Katrina’s Symphony and owns her dam, Katrina. “I bred her and have done all of her training myself by working with a few good clinicians,” Lisa explains.

Lisa said that she “was first introduced to WE about 10 years ago, by JP Giacomini who was involved in starting the sport in Portugal. It’s a fun way to use your dressage training, and engage your horse’s curiosity.”

In addition to their debut in Working Equitation, Lisa and her dance partner “have competed up the levels of recognizing open dressage to 4th level” and also enjoy trail riding.

When asked if there was anyone, in particular, she would like to thank for supporting her journey in the sport, Lisa was quick to respond, “I’d like to thank JP Giacomini, Miguel Undabarrena, and Carlos Carneiro for your encouragement instruction.”



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