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Congratulations to 2019 WE Breed High Point winner Susan Kirsten Rehfeld, and her Pinto Autumn II !


Susan bought her Pinto Autumn from a rescue organization in 2009 when the mare was 11 years old, hoping that a horse who was quiet, and good on trails would be a match for her husband and daughter to ride. She says, “Unfortunately neither my husband or my daughter picked up the “horse bug”, and Autumn was just sitting in our back yard. I train and compete in dressage and in low level eventing, so I decided to ride her myself.”

Susan wanted to find a discipline that Autumn could excel in and that is when she discovered Working Equitation. They competed in their first WE show in October of 2018, and she assumed  this would be easy. She states, “I quickly discovered I was wrong! We disqualified in the Ease of Handling Phase, because we didn’t know any of the rules.”

After participating in a clinic in January of 2019 and reading up on the rules, this pair were much more successful at their next show in May of 2019. The dressage and obstacle training  proved to be beneficial for  all of Susan’s horses, in competitions as well as in their daily rides.

Incredibly, Susan and Autumn qualified for the North American Championships the following October in Del Mar, California! “It was an amazing experience going to the Championships. We have learned a tremendous amount in this sport, and my relationship with Autumn is stronger since we have trained in Working Equitation. Autumn and I hope to continue training and improving in the coming years!”

Congratulations Susan and Autumn on your accomplishments in 2019, we look forward to your future success and progress in Working Equitation!



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