Congratulations to Our 2017 High Point KMA Kiger Mustang: Kiger Dios Estoy Aquí KCA!

Congratulations to seven-year-old Kiger Mesteno Mustang, Kiger Dios Estoy Aquí KCA, owned, trained, and shown by California member Sue Watkins, on earning the 2017 High Point Award for registered KMA Mustangs competing in Working Equitation in North America! 

Susan says that some of the things that make this amazing horse so special are, “His gentle, old soul spirit which touches everyone who meets him and creates a lasting impression of these rare genetic treasures. He offers a glimpse of the influence Colonial Spanish horses had on the history of the United States.”

When asked what she likes about Working Equitation, Sue was quick to respond that WE is “the perfect sport to show the unity and precision needed for a good working horse. The diversity in training needed for WE creates a well rounded, confident horse. It allows rare breeds and disciplines such as the Kiger Mesteno and the Traditional Californio’s Bridle Horse to compete throughout the world on a level playing field.”

She explains that she had never heard of the sport “until 2010 when out of the blue (because of my knowledge of Western Riding traditions in the USA) I was asked to help create one of the first organized WE groups in the USA. Once I studied the sport, I knew it was the perfect sport for both horse and rider. I have been heavily involved ever since as a rider, trainer, clinician, competitor, show manager, judge and #1 fan.”

In addition to wowing spectators and judges alike in Working Equitation competitions, Sue uses Kiger Dios Estoy Aqui KCA for Western Dressage, Obstacle Challenges, Kiger Breed Demos, and Ranch riding.

Sue thanks Michelle Clark/Rancho Bayo, Jose Manuel Corria Lopes, and Sierra Nevada Lusitanos for their help in getting her and her gorgeous horse to the point where they are definite contenders in this sport. 


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