Congratulations to our 2017 High Point Morgan Horse: Fortunate Destiny!

Colorado member Barbara Harris rode her 12-year-old Morgan mare Fortunate Destiny (barn name “Dazee”) to Working Equitation history, amassing sufficient points to end the 2017 competition year as the highest-ranked Morgan Horse competing in the sport in North America.

Fortunate Destiny was sired by Reynard of Hawk Creek, out of Mulberry Mistical Flight. She was bred by Tracy Hammond and was purchased almost immediately by Barbara.

“I’ve had Dazee since she was 3 months old,” Barbara explains, “She picked me and wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer when I said I was looking for something else. I absolutely love this mare to the moon and back. She is challenging, and fun, and willing to try new things. I love that we can trail ride, show, work cows, whatever. Sometimes we just cuddle. Sometimes I just stare at her and watch her eat. I’m just so thankful to have such an incredible soul in my life.”

“We’ve done a few extreme cowboy challenges, and we like to trail ride. She really likes obstacles. We’ve practiced some liberty and tricks as well. Sometime we just chill and share an apple,” Barbara reflects. Unfortunately, Fortunate Destiny “was recently injured, so we just go on walks for the next few months. She seems to love WE the most though.”

Like so many, Barbara was first introduced to the sport through watching the famed Pedro Torres on video. She was quickly hooked. “I love the variety the sport offers. You really have to have an all-around good partnership to do well. Plus, it’s a ton of fun (especially the speed round)! I love the people in my local club. It’s been fun meeting some of the folks from the NE and KS clubs as well.”

When asked if there was anyone in particular she would like to acknowledge for their help along the way, Barbara didn’t have to think about it for long. “I’d like to thank my friend, Allison Mazurkiewicz, for helping me prepare for my first shows. Also Leslie Martien for being my chief partner in fun (and fried chicken). And, of course, all the members of High Country Working Equitation for all their tireless hours and efforts to bring the most fun and challenging shows to CO. And of course, thanks to Dazee for giving me her heart.”

Congratulations, Barbara, on your and Dazee’s successes in 2017; here’s hoping you’ll have many more wonderful years together.


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