Congratulations to Our 2017 High Pointed Gaited Horses!

Rorschach Valentine, a Spotted Saddle Horse gelding born in 2004 and owned and shown by Andrea Marcinkus of Aurora, Illinois, was the top point-earning Gaited Horse competing in Working Equitation in North America in 2017. As such, this beautiful gelding will be receiving an award for National High Point Gaited Horse, sponsored by the non-profit Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH).


Andrea Marcinkus and Rorschach Valentine, a Spotted Saddle Horse, won top honors among all Gaited Horses for 2017
Photo by Howard Peet

A charitable, non-profit 501 (c) (3) non-voting member organization, FOSH is the national leader in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses.

The following breeds were eligible for this award.
  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Missouri Fox Trotting Horse
  • Spotted Saddle Horse
  • Rocky Mountain Horse
  • Mountain Pleasure Horse
  • Kentucky Mountain Horse
  • United Mountain Horse
  • Gaited Spanish Mustang
  • Racking Horse
  • Mangalargo Marchador
  • Florida Cracker
  • Spanish Jennet
  • Peruvian Paso
  • Paso Fino
  • Tiger Horse

FOSH also sponsored awards for three Regional winners from the breeds eligible for the award.

In Region 1, Oregon member Simrat Khalsa and her Spanish Mustang Bowdrie will receive a beautiful ribbon to mark their performance achievement.

Simrat Khalsa and Bowdrie, Spanish Mustang from Region 1

In Region 3, Kansas member Patti Blichmann and her Paso Fino Guerrero de Primavera will be honored for their 2017 accomplishments.

Paso Fino Guerrero de Primavera with owner Patti Blichmann, Region 3

In Region 5, Wisconsin member Kris Blacklock and her Rocky Mountain Horse Gambler’s Jackpot will be acknowledged for their Reserve Champion finish (Rorschach Valentine, who won the overall honors, also comes from Region 5, so FOSH decided to honor the 2nd-highest-point earner in that region as well).

Region 5’s Kris Blacklock and Gambler’s Jackpot, Rocky Mountain Horse.
Photo by Howard Peet


We look forward to watching your continued dance up the levels.


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