Congratulations to the 2017 High Point BLM-Branded Mustang!

WE United would like to congratulate Joshua the Mustang and his 11-year-old rider Madison Branham on their incredible 2017 competition season.

The two not only finished first in the Nation among junior riders competing at the Novice level, they also earned more points than any other BLM-Branded Mustangs competing in the sport, securing their spot in history as the first horse to receive WE United’s High Point Award for Branded BLM Mustangs!

To be eligible for this award, sponsored by Susan Watkins, Kigers de los Californios, Riverside, CA, the horse must be recorded with WE United, and the owner / rider must supply proof of BLM Mustang status (either BLM-issued papers or a photo clearly showing the BLM freeze brand on the left crest of the neck).

Madison and Joshua earned their 2017 Working Equitation points competing in numerous shows in their home state of Kansas as well as in Texas to the south.

Madison’s mom, Cindy Branham, was eager to share Joshua’s special story with us. “Joshua was my very first EMM [Extreme Mustang Makeover] horse in 2007,” she explained. “He was one of the highest selling mustangs that year, going for $7500. My husband Ryan and I only had $2000 to buy him back. My friends and family pitched in to help buy him back for me. It was a beautiful moment that has grown into this great partnership between Joshua and Madison.”

Madison brings a lot to the relationship as well. Her mom says, “She has been riding since she could sit in the saddle with me, and by herself since she was three. She started her Cowboy Race career at the age of five on a palomino and white Pinto miniature gelding.”

Madison Branham, age 5, on the miniature horse she showed before graduating to her mustangs.
Photo courtesy of Merrick Studios

Madison and Joshua have been developing their partnership for three years now. Together, the two were the 2017 Reserve Champions at the EXCA cowboy race Championships. They also won the Haras Cup working equitation competition in the Youth Novice A division.

Congratulations, Madison and Joshua the Mustang, on setting such a great example for others to follow!


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