Consolidation Work Continues to Progress

The Boards of WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation are continuing to meet, both in small teams with representatives from both organizations and as a large, combined group, to sculpt plans to consolidate the programs and structures into a single working equitation organization for the United States. The work is progressing on schedule, and we hope to be able to start the new year as a single organization, with newly-elected representatives who will continue to work together to help the sport grow.

Minutes from the meetings can be found at the following links:

Combined BOD_Mtg_FINAL-MINUTES _5-16-20

Combined BOD_Mtg_FINAL_Minutes_6-3-20

Combined BOD_Mtg_FINAL_Minutes_6-17-20

Combined BOD_Mtg_DRAFT_Minutes_7-1-20

So far, the combined boards have approved drafts that outline the plan to combine programs related to Awards, Competitions, and Licensed Officials.

Links to those three approved drafts are provided below. Please note that additional changes might be made, based on proposals brought forward later in the consolidation process.

Competitions Final 6-17-20

Awards Final 7-1-2020

LOC Final 7-1-2020

A draft of an exciting new Coaches Network (which will replace the prior Professionals and Ambassador programs) will be ready for public review and comments soon.  Proposals for membership, Ethics, and Governance are coming along.

Thanks to all the volunteers who are devoting such long hours to this work!



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