WE United currently offers a number of educational initiatives:

Over 100 online instructional videos through our partnership with

We are pleased to offer WE United members a 30% discount on an annual subscription to a wealth of online instructional videos featuring Pedro Torres, World Champion working equitation trainer, competitor, and coach as well as renown instructors from a variety of disciplines (Dressage, In-Hand, Driving, Eventing, Jumping, and more!).






To access your WE United Member Discount, just sign up for an annual account on and when prompted for a discount code, type in: 2020-WE-UNITED, and begin learning!

For a preview of one of the videos, please click HERE.

Online training exercises through our affiliate Working Equitation Simplified.  These exercises provide an incredible addition to your training toolkit. They are designed to fit into small spaces, perfect for fine-tuning your skills when it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet to ride outdoors. Click on the Link above for Working Equitation Simplified to be taken directly to Trisha’s original offering.

Want the opportunity to fine-tune your course design (and course execution!) skills? Consider signing up for the Course Design Camp, also offered by Working Equitation Simplified! (again, click on the link, above for Course Design Camp, to be taken to the website).



Clinics – WE United helps promote a variety of educational opportunities throughout North America by sharing information about clinics, schooling shows, and educational ‘play days’ across the country.  Check our EVENT calendar regularly for new opportunities to learn more about Working Equitation!

Special International Clinic with 2002 WE World Champion and 2011 Bronze medalist Fabio Lombardo offered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Please contact member Kimberly da Silva for more information


Video Feedback – This program provides a way for people to receive feedback fromWorking Equitation United USA Logo WE United licensed judges on their Dressage and Ease of Handling rides. Participants enroll in the video feedback program by completing the WE United Video Feedback Order form (click to open up the .PDF file) and then upload their videos to YouTube. Licensed judges are assigned to review and provide written feedback, through email. This program is primarily intended to support developing competitors who live in areas that do not have access to WE competitions, but participation is open to all members. This is an educational program and is not a competition program.


Judge and Technical Delegate Seminars 

WE United hosts annual Intensive Judge Seminars as well as Technical Delegate training opportunities.

Our 2017 Intensive Judge Seminar was taught by two WAWE International Judges from Portugal: Mário Pimentel and António Vicente. The seminar took place March 14-18, 2017 in Eugene, Oregon and included three days of classroom seminars (also open to silent auditors), one day of practice judging (at a licensed show), and one day of debriefing the judging experience, as well as oral and written exams and a lengthy interview conducted by the four members of the Licensed Officials Committee.

Our 2017 Technical Delegate Training was taught by Bruce W. Menke and included a day of apprentice TD service (optional for attendees), a full day of lecture, as well as both closed and open-book exams and a lengthy interview conducted by the four members of WE United’s Licensed Officials Committee.

The 2018 Licensed Officials Seminar was run in collaboration with the Confederation for Working Equitation and once again featured Antonio Vicente as the instructor.

Our 2019 Licensed Officials Seminar, with International Judge Trainer Antonio Vicente, took place April 4-8, 2019 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Old Town San Diego, California. WE United invited the Confederation for Working Equitation to recognize the 2019 seminar, following the model the two groups used in 2018. At this time, the Confederation has opted to count the seminar for Continuing Education for already-licensed judges only.