First Elected Board takes Office

The first elected Board of WE United took office on October 16, 2016.

The election, which was conducted by the independent elections firm Simply Voting, began in August with nominations for each of the elected seats, followed by the opportunity for those nominated to accept their nominations and submit their candidate statements, and finally the election itself, which was conducted through online polling.

Slightly over 68% of eligible voters participated in the election, a number that exceeds the turnout in the last four U.S. presidential races.  Reported turnout for U.S. presidential elections ranges from a low of 54.2% in 2000 to a high of 62.3% in 2008 (Center for the Study of the American Electorate).

We welcome the following people to the first elected board of WE United:

President: Julie Alonzo
President Elect: Barbara Price
Secretary: Bruce W. Menke

R1 Director: Cari Schwartz
R2 Director: Polly Limond
R3 Director: Chris Stanko
R4 Director: Doreen Atkinson
R5 Director: Howard Peet
R6 Director: Kimberly da Silva
R7 Director: Ruth Perez

The Treasurer will be appointed by the elected board in the near future.


For Certified Results CLICK HERE.


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