Free Working Equitation Horse Recording for WE United Members

White horse competing in Working Equitation

As a free service included with WE United membership, all members are invited to record their Working Equitation horses with WE United. WE United records the names of horses, as well as their year of birth, breed registry, breeding information, and current owner.

As of March 9, 2016, 105 horses from every region of the United States are recorded with WE United. A complete list of recorded Working Equitation horses is available, here. Members can record their horses by completing a simple online form, here.

Working Equitation is a test of a horse’s versatility and training and offers a level playing field for working horses of any kind. Currently, horses of all breeds, sizes, colors, and experience levels are participating in WE. WE United is inclusive of any breed; on our list of recorded horses you can find Quarter Horses, Andalusians, Warmbloods, Haflingers, Mustangs, Thoroughbreds, Grade horses, and many more.

WE United created the following infographic of horse breeds recorded with WE United as of February 26, 2016:

Working Equitation horse breed infographic

All horses who are recorded with WE United will be featured on the WE United Annual Leaderboard as relevant show scores become available for those horses. In addition to recognizing top riders and horse/rider pairs, the WE United Annual Leaderboard recognizes the top 10 horses in terms of overall points earned at competitions at all performance levels: Introductory, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masers. Top horses are eligible for year-end recognition.

Additionally, WE United will be partnering with breed associations and organizations to offer year-end Breed Performance Awards for eligible horses. Learn more about this Performance Award program and how you can help support it, here.

Owners and riders of Working Equitation horses can join WE United, here. People who are already registered with an existing Working Equitation organization (WEIAUSA or USFWE) can take advantage of WE United’s free open enrollment period by emailing


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