Heather Humelbaugh & F.T. Sheer Perfection, WE Salute You!

Heather Humelbaugh and her 21-year-old American Warmblood mare F.T. Sheer Perfection ended the 2017 competition season 4th place in the National Standings and 2nd place in Region 1 at the Intermediate Level.

Heather has owned the mare, barn name “Prima” for 18 years. “Prima is an unconventionally-bred warmblood mare. I have owned her from weaning, and now she is almost 22 years old. She and I have learned dressage together and have made it through some significant financial and health issues together. She is one of the steadier, most unflappable horses out there, even though she’s a bit of a diva.”

Heather admits that she sort of stumbled into the sport. “I take regular dressage lessons and trail ride when possible,” she says, and then one day,¬†“I saw a flyer someplace for a clinic in Washington at South Ridge Farm. It caught my eye as I was just getting back into consistent riding and was looking for an activity to do with my mare. The concept looked interesting.”

She says she has never regretted checking the sport out. “The people are wonderful and supportive. The sport is harder than it looks but very fun and supports all breeds, riding attire and traditions.”

When asked if there was anyone in particular she would like to thank for supporting her journey, Heather replied, “My dressage trainer Mercedes Andazola, Cari Schwartz for her clinics, teaching, and friendship, and all my wonderful supportive new friends. We are all sharing this crazy horse people journey together, and it is a wonderful ride to share it with all of you and your horses, ponies and/or mules.”



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