Horse Breeds Competing in WE: 2017 Recap

In February of 2016, we shared a pie chart depicting the horses registered with WE United. Recently, that pie chart popped back up on Facebook and has been generating a lot of interest. As a result, we decided it might be time to provide an update on the horses competing in our Working Equitation competitions here in the United States.

As of October 6, 2017, 472 horses have WE United Lifetime Horse Recording Numbers, allowing them to earn points at all licensed competitions judged by WE United-licensed judges.

During the 2017 competition year, 230 of these horses have competed and earned points in WE competitions.

With a little under two months remaining in the 2017 competition year, the top point-earning horse at the Masters level is currently Dutch Warmblood Winner, owned and ridden by Reta Conner.  Verdilhao, a Lusitano owned by Sierra Nevada Lusitanos Marilyn Hite and ridden by Carlos Carneiro trails by just one point.

Lusitano Andiamo 2005, owned by George Domb and ridden by Carlos Carneiro currently leads the Advanced-level standings, with Trakehner Exsarena, owned and ridden by Cari Schwartz coming in second.









The Quarter Horse Omni’s Easy Jet, owned and ridden by Jill Hamann-Bannister currently leads the National Standings at the Intermediate Level, with American Warmblood F.T. Sheer Perfection, owned and ridden by Heather Humelbaugh second in National Standings. 




At the Novice level, the Grade horse El Bonito, owned by Dorine Bright and ridden by Kent Wright leads the national standings, with Canadian Horse Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon, owned by Reindance Farm / Karen Bentley and ridden by Kristina Eckert right behind.

Horse Breeds Competing in Intermediate Level: 2017





Horse Breeds Competing at the Novice Level: 2017

Quarter Horse SR Lady of Chance, owned by Rebecca Cruden and ridden by Tristan Cruden currently leads the nation for points earned at the Introductory level, with Quarter Horse Snipper’s Remedy, owned and ridden by Samantha Westby, trailing by a single point.

Horses Competing at the Introductory Level: 2017

Because so many different breeds competed at the Intermediate, Novice, and Introductory Levels in 2017, it was impossible to display them all using pie charts. Thus, for those three levels, we supplemented the pie chart with a table listing all breeds competing at those levels in 2017.

To register your horse with WE United free of charge, please click on the following link: FREE: WE United Lifetime Horse Recording.




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