Introducing Leslie Martien: WE United Region 3 Director

Leslie Martien’s name will likely be familiar to members from her region because she has been a very active member of the Working Equitation community in her home state of Colorado through her involvement on the Board of the non-profit association High Country Working Equitation and hosting Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation, USA, seminars with Nuno Matos.

In the summer of 2013 Leslie attended “Working Equitation play days” hosted by some local trainers as a way to introduce the sport to some of their students. “It was great fun,” Leslie remembers, “although my understanding of the sport was fairly limited at that time. Then, as luck would have it, some friends who were involved in bringing Nuno Matos to Colorado in 2014 to teach asked me to help organize the clinic and the details involved in bringing Nuno here. Nuno’s clinic generated so much excitement about the sport for me that I attended the Haras Cup that fall. I then returned to Haras in March 2015 in order to attend a three-day Working Equitation seminar taught by Claudia Elsner Matos, which cemented my interest in the sport.”

Leslie has been on the board of High Country Working Equitation, serving as secretary for the past two years and plans to continue as a board member in 2018. During that time she have also been on the newsletter committee as a contributor and editor.

Leslie says, “As an amateur rider, whose background is in dressage, I love meeting and talking to people about this sport and encouraging new equestrians. One of the HCWE’s goals this year is to include a leadline class since several of us have grandchildren that we would love to introduce to the sport. I am passionate about Working Equitation and want to continue to help this sport grow in our region and in the US. It is very exciting to be involved with organizations whose goal is the advancement of this sport – the growth I’ve seen in the last few years has been amazing.”

“That growth has not only been in the number of participants but also in the quality of the competitors, the training of the horses, and the depth of understanding of what it takes to develop as a Working Equitation horse and rider team. This is a very exciting time for Working Equitation and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Leslie, we’re very excited to have you be a part of it as well!


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