Judge Program Approved by WE United Board

The WE United Board would like to thank members Nicole Chastain Price (Region 2), Cari Schwartz (Region 1), and Wayne Hipsley (Region 7) for their invaluable assistance moving the WE United Judge Program from concept to fruition.

The Judge Program, as well as the applications people will use to apply for their Initial License and for promotion through the ranks, were officially adopted by the Board on January 16, 2017.

The WE United Judge Program includes a description of steps a person must take prior to earning their initial Judge License. In addition, requirements to advance from Learner Judge to r, R, and Senior (S) judge are described. All WE United judges must maintain their membership in WE United in order to maintain their judge licenses. The Licensed Officials Committee (LOC) will be responsible for reviewing all applications, conducting interviews of applicants, and making recommendations for Licensure Level to the WE United Board of Directors.

Links to the Judge Program description as well as applications can be found, below:

WE United Judge Program

WE United Judge Application- Initial Licensure

WE United Judge Application- Promotion L to r

WE United Judge Application- Promotion r to R

WE United Judge Application- Promotion R to S



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