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Junior rider Bailey Yee, and her Fell Pony Felllegend Flower

Bailey Yee has an incredible young Fell Pony named Flower. They have been together since Flower was born over five years ago at their family-owned Running Y Ranch in Northern California. Bailey and her mother Shannon have raised and trained Flower since she was a foal.

Initially, she was used for sorting cows and doing obstacles on their ranch.  In January of 2019, Bailey signed up for her first WE introductory level show with Flower, and they won first place!

In 2019 Bailey and Flower achieved five National WE Awards including: #1 Horse/Rider, #1 Horse, #1 American Rider, #1 Junior Rider at the Introductory level and #1 Fell Pony in North America. What an incredible achievement for this pair in their first year of WE competition!

Bailey Yee and Felllegend Flower

Bailey says after this experience, she has realized what Working Equitation is all about: “Its purpose to Flower and me is to help us with our patience, better my riding skills, and show us how to bond closer. WE has taught us so much and truly has given us something to work on together. I find myself using these skills with Flower, on the ranch, out on trail, these skills are used constantly as it has become part of riding.”

Bailey Yee and Felllegend Flower at the 2019 Andalusian World Cup WE Competition

Bailey says her favorite part  of WE is the cow trial because the pace can be slow or very fast and intense. She finds the dressage and ease of handling the most difficult, as they both require a variety of techniques and skills  to perform well.

Bailey says “WE is truly a wonderful sport and has taught me so much. One day I’d love to become an instructor and/or judge of the sport because I love it so much!”


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