WE United Launches Working Equitation Video Judge Feedback Program


Access to people experienced with Working Equitation is limited in many parts of the United States, and some areas do not yet have regular WE competitions scheduled. As part of WE United’s educational initiatives, a brand new video-based Judge Feedback Program, open to all WE United members, launched this week.

The purpose of the program is to provide Working Equitation riders the opportunity to receive feedback from licensed WE judges. In addition, those participating in the program may elect to allow their videos to be used by WE United for the purpose of future judge training (this is not a requirement, but is appreciated).

The Video Judge Feedback program is available to WE United members and costs $25 per evaluation of Dressage test or Ease of Handling ride, or $40 for both Dressage and Ease of Handling at the same performance level. To participate, members can fill out and submit the order form, here, and prepare a video of their Dressage and/or Ease of Handling ride. A licensed judge will review and score the videoed ride(s) using standard WE competition scoresheets.

This program is educational in nature and is not a form of competition; scores provided do not come from valid competition and will not be considered in any year-end placings, qualifications, etc. The feedback is intended to be used as a learning aid and not to indicate where a member might place in a competition.

If you have questions about WE United’s Video Judge Feedback Program, please contact


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