Levels Tracking

Tracking Horse/Rider Levels

Section 1.8 in the United States Rules for Working Equitation outline requirements for advancement of horse/rider pairs competing in Working Equitation. That section of the rules is paraphrased here, for easy reference.

a. A rider initially selects the level he/she believes is the most appropriate upon entering their first licensed competition of the season. This establishes the horse/rider performance level, after which the following advancement requirements apply.

b. A horse/rider combination may choose to self-advance to the next higher level. Once they have earned a combined Dressage/EOH score percentage of 62% at the higher level in three competitions under at least two different judges, they are established and registered at this level effective immediately upon earning the third qualifying percentage. Until earning the three qualifying scores, a horse/rider combination may elect to move back to the previous level.

Note: This parameter also applies to the horse/rider combination’s initial performance level registration.

c. In licensed competitions, scores for Dressage and EOH trials are averaged together and awarded tracking points for that competition. Points are only accrued if all trials are completed (no DQ). Once a horse/rider combination has earned 30 points using the following formula, they are required to advance to the next higher level the following competition year:

57.500% thru 59.999% = 1 point

60.000% thru 62.499% = 2 points

62.500% thru 64.999% = 3 points

65.000% thru 67.499% = 4 points

67.500% thru 69.999% = 6 points

70.000% and above = 7 points

d. Once a horse or rider has competed at a given level, that horse or rider may not compete at any lower level with the following exceptions:

(1) Riders may ride at a lower level with a horse that has not competed higher than that level.

(2) Horses may compete at a lower level with a rider that has not competed higher than that level.

(3) Horse/rider combinations that score 57.499% or less at their registered level in either Dressage or EOH at three competitions with at least two different judges may elect to move to the next lower level. They may do so immediately upon earning their third qualifying score.

Here, WE United provides a convenient way for show organizers to look up the performance level for which competitors are registered. We will update this list at least monthly throughout the year.

2018 Competition Year Horse/Rider Competition Levels
(Updated March 22, 2018)

Below, we list riders, horses, regions, and mandatory advancement points, organized by registered level.

Kayla Adams, Hollywood Merridoc, R2, 0 pts
Maddie Harding, Pecos Bill, R4, 0 pts
Yazmine Orozco, Belinda, R2, 7 pts

Allyson Dehaven, Aisling Cibarra Snow, R4, 1 pt
Amanda Latta Portillo, Maximus, R2, 0 pts
Annaleen Vermeulen, Makin Bank, R3, 4 pts
Ashley Bowers, Elena MABU, R2, 9 pts
Ashley Bowers, Sherep, R2, 2 pts
Augusta Wright, Sage, R3, 0 pts
Augusta Wright, Sevillana SMDR, R3, 0 pts
Caroline McCoy, Zippo Royal Ma, R2, 0 pts
Cathy Omann, DJ, R2, 6 pts
Cheryl Martinez, Jokar’s Crown Royal, R1, 2 pts
Christie Lanning, Sugarland, R2, 0 pts
Courtney Colvin, Trynke Fan E Woestn, R2, 0 pts
Debbie Jenkins, Stash, R4, 0 pts
Doreen Atkinson, JC Jedidiah, R4, Points = 4 pts
Edgar Guzman, Duque GHB, R2, 0 pts
Erin O’Shaughnessy, Shining Spartan, R1, 2 pts
Gina LaRock, Mindo, R2, 3 pts
Graham Hansen, Red, R1, 0 pts
Heather Humelbaugh, Billy Forever Shines, R1, 10 pts
Ida VanWormer, Zippin Midnight Moon, R1, 2 pts
Jackie Leopard, Lucy, R2, 0 pts
Jane Brueckner, The County Agent, R3, 1 pt
Jeff Ohaco, El Campeón’s Monterey, R2, 3 pts
Jody Dawn Sauer, Majestad del C, R3, 7 pts
Jolene Sander, Whiplash, R3, 0 pts
Josie Croasmun, A Fabulous Dream, R2, 0 pts
Julie Horton, Valentine to AJ, R4,, 2 pts
Julie Sweeten, LVF’s Solar Eclipse, R1, 7 pts
Kelly DeGeorge, Mousse on the Loose, R3, 0 pts
Kelsey Dietrich, Belinda, R2, 8 pts
Kristina Eckert, Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro, 1 pt
Kristina Hindert, Sonata BM, 0 pts
Lisa Harding, Sandhaven Celebration, R4, 6 pts
Lisa Scebbi, Silver, R2, 0 pts
Lizann Dunegan, Arcelia AA, R1, 1 pt
Lynn Silver, R2, 7 pts
M. Wilkerson, Tiara, R2, 0 pts
Madalene Anderson, Milo, R1, 0 pts
Marcella Green, Faye, R2, 0 pts
Marnie Barrett, Heliodoro GFB, 0 pts
Mary Sadler, Heart, R3, 0 pts
Maureen Beavin, Isis, R3, 0 pts
Meagan Hansen, CDC Sonrisa, R1, 2 pts
Megan Kenney, Apple Acre Capra, R4, 0 pts
Melanie Etter, Steppin in Cool, R4, 1 pt
Meredith Villarial, Georgias Starbuck, R4, 1 pt
Michele Harris, Tivitos Lil Gal, R4, 0 pts
Michele Purpora-Tardi, Jay’s Kooky Cutter, R2, 2 pts
Michelle Harris, Jane, R4, 2 pts
Miguel Undabarrena, Gunner, R2, 0 pts
Nancy Fenimore, Dulce, R4, 0 pts
Nancy Fite, Mikie, R2, 0 pts
Nicole Chastain Price, Heroe Romano, R2, 2 pts
Noelle Russow, Lykos, R2, 0 pts
Pamela Simonton, Memphis, R2, 0 pts
Patricia Nunley Mertz, Mr. Gunsmoke Dunnit, R4, 0 pts
Queta Smith, San Antonio Girl, R3, 0 pts
Riley Pirkle, Broomers Lil Lena, R4, 3 pts
Robin Bond, Kiger Zapata KCA, R2, 0 pts
Rochelle O’Connor, Scenic’s Lucky Ice, R1, 0 pts
Sabina Gilbert, SC Whiff, R3, 0 pts
Samantha Winsett, Arboria Emerald Coast, R3, 1 pt
Sarah Kress, Lanza, R1, 3 pts
Savannah Cox, CDC Mariposa, R1, 0 pts
Savannah Cox, Leocadia, R1, 0 pts
Summer Star, Tango, R2, 0 pts
Susan Dossett, Disgo Moon, R4, 4 pts
Susan Dossett, IL Postre, R4, 3 pts
Sydney Croasmun, Fabuloso AF, R2, 0 pts
Terry Memmer, JC, R4, 0 pts
Tracy Ward, Where’s My Cow, R2, 0 pts
Tracy Ward, Kisby, R2, 0 pts
Wendy Baxter, Way Bob Dude, R2, 2 pts

Novice A
Abigail Followwill, El Campeon’s Cochise, R2, 0 pts
Allison Mazurkiewicz, Ziva GPA, 1 pt
Amanda Latta Portillo, Prince Charming, R2, 2 pts
Angie Zabritski, Hollywood Golden Diva, R3, 2 pts
Ashley Smith, Delirio DC, R1, 12 pts
Barbara Lawson, Dom Do Nico, R2, 0 pts
Bryan Ludens, Lark of Honor Bright, R2, 6 pts
Carol Eldred, Bliss, R2, 0 pts
Cat Beardsley, SW Alpamayo, R3, 2 pts
Catherine Pickins, Sandhaven Viper, R4, 4 pts
Cheryl Croasmun, Topper, R2, 0 pts
Christine Potocki, RDL Zanetta HGA, R4, 0 pts
Colleen Clemenet, Ambicioso XVIII, R2, 7 pts
Darren Hawks, Ida-Ho Pazazz, R2, 0 pts
Debbie Hogevoll, Nice N’ Sonny, R1, 7 pts
Denise Lukins, Mahon II FLH, R1, 4 pts
Denise Richards, Peppy’s Opinion, R1, 0 pts
Emily Elias, Nakita Ljeb, R1, 6 pts
Fern Thomassy, Solar Eclipse, R4, 1 pt
Fern Thomassy, Bellona, R4, 0 pts
Jennifer Turner, Dream, R2, 1 pt
Jessica Hutchings, One Smart Dual, R2, 2 pts
Jo Bottorff, Nu Kind of Diamond, R3, 0 pts
Karin Hansen, Padre, R1, 0 pts
Katherine Calkins, Olney’s Emerald Mystique, R2, 0 pts
Kiki Pantaze, Sandhaven CatCandu, R4, 0 pts
Kim Speek, Tango, R3, 1 pt
Kristina Eckert, LDR Poncho Wow Factor, R1, 1 pt
Lauren Alexander, Tequila, R2, 0 pts
Lisa Harding, Sandhaven Celebration, R4, 4 pts
Lisa Routh, Zips Paquito Magic, R1, 3 pts
Marcella Green, Boulder, R2, 0 pts
Max Soriano, Rosie, R2, 0 pts
Michael Vermaas, Alazan HGA, R4, 0 pts
Michael Vermaas, Regulus RDL, R4, 0 pts
Michele Dupy, Bayo La Reyna, R4, 0 pts
Miguel Undabarrena, Don Divo 2012, R2, 1 pt
Moira McCarthy, Pippin, R1, 1 pt
Nicole Chastain Price, Catattack, R2, 2 pts
Nicole Chastain Price, Paso Doble WAE, R2, 0 pts
Prissy Rumel, Morita de Mali, R4, 3 pts
Rachel Kahane, Pepper, R1, 2 pts
Rebecca Algar, Azahar MSM, R4, 2 pts
Rochelle O’Connor, CDC Don Quixote de la Mancha, R1, 0 pts
Ruth Meehl, Melody, R2, 4 pts
Samantha Jepson, Angelina, R2, 0 pts
Stacey Peuplie, Sharp Drezzed Man, R4, 2 pts
Stacey Ruel, Amante CDF, R3, 0 pts
Tammy Williams, Henri Dos Pinhais, R2, 7 pts
Tania Radda, Teodoro III, R2, 7 pts
Tristan Cruden, SR Lady of Chance, R1, 4 pts
Val Pearson, FS Tesoro Nobel, R2, 0 pts

Novice B
Amy Star, Homen Brillante, R2, 0 pts
Gail Bohlman, Hungarian Bohoc, R2, 0 pts
Jo Teter, Teter’s Copy of Bandy, R3, 2 pts
Katy Spell, Francesca’s a Cocoa Chica, R4, 0 pts
Kristina Eckert, Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon, R1, 2 pts
Louise Cash, Invest in Hot, R2, 0 pts
Miguel Undabarrena, Gunipre, R2, 9 pts
Nicole Chastain Price, Esbelto CL, R2, 3 pts
Nicole Chastain Price, Sausalito Jullyen V, R2, 2 pts
Prissy Rumel, Morita de Mali, R4, 0 pts
Samantha Jepson, Valiente, R2, 9 pts

Intermediate A
Carrie Parker, Misty River, R1, 0 pts
Deidra Keithley, Kiss My Angel, R4, 9 pts
Ellen Chappell, Arria, R1, 0 pts
Jade Gonzales, Finleehetouchedme, R4, 6 pts
Jade Gonzales, Luppy’s Boyfriend, R4, 6 pts
Jennifer Lenz, Poplar’s Samoa Star, R1, 1 pt
Jill Lovelace, Driftin Juniper, R1, 6 pts
Julie Alonzo, CDC Memoria, R1, 7 pts
Karen Burch, Thee Ashke, R3, 0 pts
Katherine Calkins, Wicked James Blonde, R2, 8 pts
Katrina Sanders, Pirate on Deck, R2, 0 pts
Kiki Pantaze, Sandhaven Late to the Party, R4, 4 pts
Krista Koenig, QueZique, R2, 0 pts
Lisa Harding, Sandhaven Shameless, R4, 0 pts
Lyndsey Fitch, Levi, R3, 0 pts
Makenzie Holley, Terra-Blanca, R1, 3 pts
Morgan Wagner, Sephiroth, R1, 1 pt
Nicole Chastain Price, Dunit Extra Dry, R2, 0 pts
Rochelle O’Connor, Navigational Escort, R1, 3 pts
Robin Bond, Rips Rey Jay, R2, 2 pts
Sharon Vadas, Jitterbug, R3, 1 pt
Summer Star, Reina Amberina, R2, 2 pts
Susan Watkins, Kiger Dios Estoy Aquí KCA, R2, 2 pts
Terri Watts, DEM Latte Con Leche, R4, 2 pts

Intermediate B
Andrea Galbraith, Dylan Casimoro, R4, 3 pts
Arlene Cunningham, Estado, R2, 7 pts
Bob Lawson, Burladero, R2, 0 pts
Ellen Corob, Deynika, R2, 0 pts
Jim Groesbeck, Shesaluckyleo, R2, 0 pts
Kiki Pantaze, Sandhaven Late to the Party, R4, 2 pts
Lauren Gueswel, Smart Uno Olena, R3, 3 pts
Margaret Kurbat, Solana, R2, 7 pts
Robin Bond, Xander, R2, 3 pts
Sheri Prucka, Xampu Interagro, R3, 7 pts
Tammy Williams, Davidoff DC, R2, 7 pts
Toni Hubenette, Sarafina, R2, 0 pts

Morgan Wagner, Endo the Blind, R1 (schooling rides to date/class not yet offered this year)
Roy Pelkey, Flashy Freddie, R2, 7 pts
Prissy Rumel, Priscilla’s Flight, R4, 0 pts

Cari Schwartz, Exsarena, Region 1 (schooling rides to date/class not yet offered this year)
Doreen Atkinson, Obadi del Dios, R4, 7 pts