Masters of the WE World: Doreen Atkinson & Obadi del Dios

Texas member Doreen Atkinson has owned her half-Lusitano, half-Quarter Horse gelding Obadi del Dios for all of his 14 years. “I planned my dream horse, found the mare (A True Quick Dash) and stallion (Omission Interagro) and was blessed with this cute buckskin colt,” Doreen explains. “I raised him, started him and trained him to do everything he knows. Obadi del Dios is champion of many classes, is trained up to Prix St George, and has helped me win my USDF silver medal. He and I have competed successfully at the Intermediate, Advanced and Masters level of WE.”

The two finished the 2017 Competition Season #1 in the Nation at the Masters Level.

Doreen holds a Senior ‘S’ Judge card in Working Equitation and is a member of the WE United Licensed Officials Committee, as well as elected Region 4 Director. She initially found the sport when she entered a class at the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association National Championship Show. “We won the dressage phase and continued to do the EOH phase which was a blast,” Doreen explains. “We placed 2nd overall. From there, I kept entering any WE shows I could find.”

Doreen explains that one of the reasons she enjoys Working Equitation so much is that it is, “Great training to make an all-around fun, confident horse.” In addition, she loves that the sport is fun and that the people involved are also a lot of fun.

She and Obadi have demonstrated this versatility in the show arena.  They won “Western dressage-high point Texas horse at the World Western Dressage Show,” she explains, and the two of them, “do dressage, trail and dabble with cow work.”

When asked if there was anyone in particular who had helped her along her journey, Doreen was quick to reply, “I have learned a lot of different things about WE from many people. Claudia Matos, Antonio Vincente, and Mario Pimental of Portugal have been the best source for information for learning what WE is all about and how it should be done, to stay true to the spirit of the sport.  I have learned a lot from them as I have attended their seminars.”



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