Membership Update: March 12, 2016

As WE United moves into our sixth week of existence, we’re delighted to report that interest in the member-driven non-profit continues to grow. To date, 182 individuals and families have registered for membership. In particular, several areas of the country are starting to show rapid membership growth, and we look forward to watching these regions continue to expand.

Membership is open to all people interested in Working Equitation. All members 18 years old and older are eligible to nominate people for elected office or to accept nominations for such service as well as to cast votes to elect the Board of Directors and officers.

WE United members are automatically enrolled in our Performance Awards program and eligible to participate in our Video Feedback program as well. Many WE events across the country offer substantial discounts to members.

Join a supportive community of Working Equitation enthusiasts and help us build a stronger future for the sport in the United States.


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