National Championship

WE United National Championship & A-Rated Show 

Dates: Sept. 1-3, 2017 (move in, Sept. 1; move out, Sept. 4)

: DevonWood Equestrian Centre, Sherwood, Oregon
The Northwest’s Premier Dressage Facility, DevonWood Equestrian Centre is located in the heart of Oregon’s beautiful wine country, just a short drive from the Portland International Airport (PDX).

Judges: Doreen Atkinson, S, Texas; Michael Vermaas, S, Texas

Technical Delegate: Bruce W. Menke, Texas

Gate Steward: Ashley Bowers, Arizona
Paddock Steward: Samuel Cruden, Oregon

Announcer: John DeBevoise, California

Scribes: Barbara Price, California; & Kyra Gautesen, Washington
Scorers: Becky Mathews, Washington & Rebecca Cruden, Oregon

Course Designer & Obstacle Maker: Becky Mathews, River Run
Arena Crew: Jessie Westby, Lisa Camp, Gary Camp, Denise Richards

Dr Coulon from Zephyr Equine Veterinary Service 503-610-6771

Farrier: Erek Grohs

EMT: Mike McGuire

Videography: The Equine Education Group, Lexington, Kentucky

Dawn Rhoads:
Diana Inch:
Kelvin Watkins  ‪
Kristina Eckert:
Michael Williams, Michael T. Photography:

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the 2017 National Championship Premium Book

NOTE: As of June 25th, only “Quality” and “Ultra Premium” stalls remain — all the ‘Premium” stalls are sold out.

The first WE United National Championship Competition to be held in the United States of America!

Snapshot of the Memorial Arena during a Dressage test. In the background, you can see the main stabling area (offering both Quality and Premium stabling options).

We warmly welcome competitors from all countries to join in the fun!

The event includes:

  • National Championship Individual and fun Team Competitions.
  • Non-Championship A-Rated Show Classes, providing an inclusive opportunity for all people to participate.
  • Opportunities to visit with others from around the world who share an interest in this great sport.
  • Wine tastings, featuring award-winning wines from the Pacific Northwest.
  • Great vendors, offering a variety of quality products.
  • Ample opportunity to enjoy the great natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest in its most tourist-friendly season.
  • A special “Training Wheels” Exhibition Ease of Handling class for children not quite ready to perform on their own. This special ‘just-for-fun’ opportunity will enable future WE stars to get their boots wet in a safe and supportive environment.  Children in the Training Wheels class must be accompanied by an adult in the arena. The adult can have the child’s horse on a leadline, or may walk nearby.  Adults are welcome to assist the children with any obstacle with which they are struggling (e.g., the adult can help open/close the gate for the child).  Children entered in this special exhibition class are permitted to ride a horse entered in the official competition. All children must wear a helmet at all times when mounted.
The Ultra Premium stalls are located at the back of the DevonWood indoor arena complex.


The Memorial Arena (also called the “Sand Arena”), where our dressage trial will be held. The court will be set up in this area. Spectator seating is on either side, on the terraced viewing platforms.


The view from the Vendor Village area (behind the photographer) looking down at the Terrace Arena, where we will run the EOH and Speed trials. All the arena footing is state-of-the-art with moisture control from beneath (an elaborate system to enable raising/lowering the water table ensures the footing is always properly dampened, and never too wet).


If you enjoy wine, be sure to plan in some extra time for wine tasting while you’re here!


This part of Oregon is well-known for some really great wines.


Qualification Requirements

The United States Rules for Working Equitation stipulate that to compete in a National Championship, horse/rider pairs must qualify by earning a 58% or higher in both Dressage and Ease of Handling, without being disqualified in Speed. (Exception: Intro/Children do not have the Speed requirement).  The scores must be earned in a 2017 licensed competition. They must be earned in the level you are signing up for.

If you do not meet the National Championship qualification requirements, we will be offering an A-Rated show at the same location / dates so you can still join in the fun!

This event will offer the following classes:

  • Introductory
  • Novice A
  • Novice B
  • Intermediate A
  • Intermediate B

All classes will be run as Open classes, in recognition of the fact that all riders entered will have pre-qualified in advance and thus will have demonstrated their ability to compete on a level playing field.  Youth riders will have the opportunity for special recognition, based on their placings in the Open class.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  One of the founding principles of WE United is a focus on the Integrity of the Sport. Thus, classes with fewer than 3 entries  will be run as A-Rated Show classes rather than National Championship classes.  Competitors who have qualified for and have entered a class in advance will be notified by email and/or phone on or before August 21st if that class does not meet the minimum # of entries requirement to be held as a Championship class.  At that time, the competitor will have the option of not competing and receiving a full refund (all show fees) or of competing in the A-Rated class at that level offered at the event.

All classes will be considered set as of the August 21 deadline; late scratches shall not result in a transfer to the A-Rated class of the remaining entries who were appropriately entered in the Championship division by that date.



Please consider supporting the National Championship Show with your sponsorship.  Corporate and Individual Sponsorships alike are needed to help make this event truly spectacular.  Please download and fill out the sponsorship form, or email us at to discuss options.

PDF of Sponsorship Form


Please join us in thanking our generous sponsors for their help in making this Championship truly special!

Sandhaven Performance Horses
McDade, Texas

Sandhaven Performance Horses is committed to producing top quality full and 1st Cross Australian Stock Horses- “The Breed for Every Need.” Intelligence, beauty and athleticism- our horses have it all.

Sandhaven horses are consistent winners in the sport of working equitation.  Look for them on the WE United Leaderboard!


Intrepid Sportfishing
Ken & Barbara Price
San Diego
, California


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Intrepid Sportfishing is the official sponsor of the Dressage Section at the 2017 WE United National Championship!

Pepper Knoll Farm / Polly Limond
El Cajon, California


Polly Limond is the official sponsor of the Ease of Handling Section at the 2017 WE United National Championship!

Greenberg Land & Livestock Company and Performance Horses
Scottsdale, Arizona

Greenberg Land & Livestock Company and Performance Horses is the official sponsor of the Speed Section at the 2017 WE United National Championship!

Becky Mathews,
Centralia, Washington

Thank you for donating the obstacles for use in the Championship Competition, Becky & River Run!









Bob & Barbara Lawson
Ukiah, California

Amandalusian Farm, Joe & Nancy Latta
Burbank, California

McClung Scientific Services, LLC
Gainesville, Florida


Law Office of Denise J. Lukins, PLLC
Vancouver, Washington


Blue Gate Farm / Kimberly Roe
Deming, Washington

Nepenthe Naturals / Fayren Chang
Portland, Oregon



INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES (updated August 25, 2017)

Class #1: A-Rated Show Introductory

Barbara Lawson, Dom Do Nico, Lusitano
Tanya Larsen, Milagro Bendita, P.R.E.
Kimberly Roe, Drifting Dun Chex, Grade (Quarter Horse)
Tristan Cruden, Izarra GHF, Andalusian

Class #2: National Championship Introductory

Lily Godding, Red, Grade (Quarter Horse)
Julie Sweeten, LVF’s Solar Eclipse, Mule
Samantha Westby, Snippers Remedy, Quarter Horse

Class #3: A-Rated Show Novice A

MackKenzie Hogue, Prone to Wander, Mustang
Trish Hyatt, Cowgirl’s Hope, Quarter Horse
Elizabeth Kalik, HyTyme Smoke N Mirrors, Drum Horse
Jordan Banks, Xena Princesa MM, Lusitano

Class #4: National Championship Novice A

Amanda Latta, Prince Charming, Grade pony
Anne Lobeck, Rio, Appaloosa
Ashley Smith, Delirio DC, Lusitano
Carrie Parker, Misty River, Paint
Denise Lukins, Mahon II FLH, Haflinger
Jennifer Lenz, Poplar’s Samoa Star, American Curly Horse
Jill Lovelace, Driftin Juniper,
Quarter Horse
Karin Hansen, Padre,
Kathy Orr, Mouse,
Kent Wright, El Bonito,
Grade horse
Kimberly Roe, KF Shenanigans, Connemara/TB
Kristina Eckert, Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon, Canadian Horse
Lisa Green, Esperado, Andalusian
Lizann Dunegan, Yfke Von Borstel, Friesian
Mark Mason, Shannon’s Gold Remedy, Quarter Horse
Michael Godding, Sephiroth, Andalusian
Polly Limond, Flying Tiger, Grade (Andalusian)

Class #5: A-Rated Show Novice B

Amber-Lee Houska, Rudy Val Jay, Shire/Thoroughbred cross

Class #6: National Championship Novice B

Cheryl Zimmerman Rife, Nova, Half-Andalusian
Lizann Dunegan, Miguel BTSF, Andalusian

Class #7: A-Rated Show Intermediate A

Sheri Prucka, Bachiller RIS, Lusitano

Class #8: National Championship Intermediate A

Bob Lawson, Burladero, Lusitano
Ellen Chappell, Arria,
Heather Humelbaugh, F.T. Sheer Perfection
, American Warmblood
Jill Hamann-Bannister, Omnis Easy Jet, Quarter Horse
Kendra Martland, Montaque, Spanish Norman (Andalusian/Draft cross)
Kim Peterson, CDC Memoria, Andalusian
Makenzie Holley, Terra-Blanca, Lipizzan

Class #9: A-Rated Show Intermediate B

Sheri Prucka, Xampu Interagro, Lusitano

Class #10: National Championship Intermediate B

Cari Schwartz, Exsarena, Trakehner
Morgan Wagner, Endo the Blind, Appaloosa
Nicole Grous, Zar Ris, Lusitano

The team part of the competition is a for-fun camaraderie-building event. Teams have self-organized and have selected their own names. This is not an official international competition. However, it IS a great way to show passion for the sport and support of one another. 

Team Australia
Kim Peterson & CDC Memoria, Captain
Mark Mason & Shannon’s Gold Remedy
Michael Godding & Sephiroth
Lily Godding & Red

Team Canada
Kendra Martland & Montaque, Captain
Lisa Green & Milagro Esperado
Trish Hyatt & Cowgirl’s Hope
Tanya Larsen & Milagro Bendita

Team Pegasus
Jill Hamann-Bannister & Omni’s Easy Jet, Captain
Jill Lovelace, Driftin Juniper
Nicole Grous, Zar Ris
MacKenzie Hogue, Prone to Wander

Team Baroque Beauties
Jennifer Lenz & Poplar’s Samoa Star
Lizann Dunegan & Yfke Von Borstel
Ellen Chappell & Arria
Makenzie Holley & Terra-Blanca

Team Oregon United
Tristan Cruden & SR Lady of Chance, Captain
Karin Hansen & Padre
Kristina Eckert & Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon
Morgan Wagner & Endo the Blind

Riders of Rivendell
Cari Schwarz & Exsarena
Lizann Dunegan & Miguel BTSF
Heather Humelbaugh & F.T. Sheer Perfection
Ashley Smith & Delirio DC

Team USA
Bob Lawson & Burladero
Polly Limond & Flying Tiger
Samantha Westby & Snippers Remedy
Kent Wright & El Bonito