NEWDA Adds to Sponsorship of R5 Awards!

WE United would like to thank the Southern Chapter of the New Dressage Association, Inc (NEWDA) for their generous contribution to Regional Awards for Region 5 WE United members competing in licensed WE shows!

The WE United Awards Committee will decide on the exact nature of the awards as they review possible options and total amount of sponsorship monies received from each Region. Our hats are off to Kris Blacklock, who will officially move into the Region 5 Director seat on October 16, for leading the way in the Regional Award sponsorship drive!

The New Dressage Association, Inc. (NEWDA), a USDF GMO, was established in 2009 in response to the changing needs of the Wisconsin dressage community. At NEWDA, our main focus is on education and community building, which we believe gives our members the tools and environment they need to develop themselves as equestrians. Not only is it our goal as an organization to support our members in their pursuits, but to also build strong and meaningful relationships within the greater equestrian community.
NEWDA’s mission is to create opportunities for its members to engage in dressage for their enjoyment, for their improvement, and for the benefit of the horse, through education and competition in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. We encourage and expect our members to be ambassadors for the sport of dressage both within our state and the equestrian community as a whole.We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our association and its offerings.
NEWDA offers membership opportunities at many levels: Business, Family, Individual, Junior and Subscribing. With your membership, you become eligible to participate in NEWDA’s many programs and events, and to receive membership discounts when offered. Check out our “Membership” tab for more details.
For more information about NEWDA, please visit their website:    or email them at

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