Online Show Software Now Available for all WE United Shows!

Want to move your Working Equitation competitions to the next level of speed and accuracy? Consider “going live” with your results available in real time, as your competition is progressing!

All WE United licensed shows are now eligible to use the software, available through software developer José Bacelar Lourenço, of Portugal.

The software streamlines the calculation of scores and results and reduces mathematical errors in tabulating results.

I (Julie Alonzo) began piloting the software in Oregon in December of 2018 and have successfully used it now at 10 competitions in that state as well as 4 in Illinois and 2 in Montana. I wanted to do quality assurance personally to make sure that the system was working correctly for the U.S. rules before making it available to others.

José, the developer, has been incredibly wonderful to work with. He’s responsive, professional, and quick to problem solve, seamlessly integrating the complexities of the U.S. rules related to how ties are broken, etc., into the software and working closely with me to increase its functionality and ease of use.

Now, with half a year of quality assurance and fine-tuning behind us, we are making the software available to any WE United licensed competition interested in using it.

In order to use the software you will need:

  • Access to a computer or tablet with internet connection — this is essential, as you must be connected to the internet in order for the system to work.
  • Someone to enter scores either while the scribe is capturing the scores/comments on paper, or immediately afterward. When using, you enter each score on the Dressage and EOH tests, and the time and penalties from the Speed test, and the system automatically does the math to calculate percentages and placings.
  • A printer to print the final results so the judge can officially review them and sign off. Please remember that the rules require the judge’s signature before official results are released. The online results should be considered ‘unofficial’ until the signature has been obtained and the results posted at the show.

If you are running a WE United licensed show and would like to have your competition added to the system, so you can use it, please email us at with the name and date of your competition, and the name of the WE United judge officiating. We will also need the names of each horse/rider pair entered in your show, organized by the class/division in which they are entered, as well as a listing (in numerical order) of the obstacles being used for each level in EOH and Speed. Also, please provide an estimated start time for each trial you are offering.

We ask that you send your email requesting that your show be added to the system a minimum of 14 days prior to your event’s start date, and that you provide the rest of the information at least 7 days prior to the start of the show if possible (to ensure that we can get everything set up properly).

As a person who regularly manages WE shows with multiple judges, two competition arenas running concurrently (nearly non-stop for 12-hour show days), and 100+ competitors, I have to say that GIRA.IO has been a life-changing improvement! It’s amazingly easy to use and nearly fool-proof in its functionality, provided, of course, your internet connection is strong.

Although I still use paper as the ‘official’ scoresheet with comments and scores, I’ve also gone paperless at a couple of shows where my scribe was particularly talented with the keyboard. In those situations, you just need to print the PDF of the dressage or EOH test, have the judge sign it, and voilà, riders have a clean, legible scoresheet, and you have the back-up already saved on the system!

There is no charge to use the system (although at some point, we might need to pay for its use; for now, we can enjoy all the benefits of modern technology free of charge). I encourage you to give it a try (and for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, please visit the website, select your preferred language (using the little flag / language option in the upper right corner of the website, click on Competitions –> Working Equitation –> , and check out the results for the various shows that have already adopted the program. I think you’ll be impressed!


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