Performance Awards

WE United strives to recognize the performance achievements of horses and riders who compete in Working Equitation in the United States. Recognizing the achievements of WE United members is done with the intention of promoting the sport, encouraging horse and rider development, and honoring the incredible partnerships that exist between Working Equitation horses and riders.


WE United currently offers two Performance Award programs for our members:

  1. WE United Annual Leaderboard
  2. WE United Breed Performance Awards
  3. WE United Rider Medalist Program

These programs are reviewed on an annual basis, and additional performance programs are currently being developed. Any horse or rider who is a member of WE United is eligible to participate in these programs at no additional cost as outlined in the program descriptions. A complete list of current WE United members is available online, here.

To facilitate performance tracking, WE United provides free horse recording services for our members.  To enroll your horse, simply fill out the required information on our Horse Recording Form. You can review a listing of all horses with WE United Recording #s here.

If you are interested in sponsoring WE United’s Performance Awards, or if you have questions about our performance programs, please contact