Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about WE United’s Annual Leaderboard. If your question is not answered here, please contact

Who is eligible to be featured on the WE United Annual Leaderboard?
Any horse and/or rider who is a registered member of WE United during the current competition year is eligible to be featured on the WE United Annual Leaderboard. Riders can join WE United, here and members can submit a free horse registration, here. Registered horses and riders are automatically eligible for the WE United Annual Leaderboard at no additional cost.

How are Leaderboard points calculated?
WE United uses the overall score earned by each horse and/or rider at eligible shows to calculate overall Leaderboard points within the different performance levels (Introductory, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters).

As per the Working Equitation rulebooks, scores are awarded at shows for each trial, calculated in the following manner (x being the number of entrants in the class):

  • 1st place = x +1
  • 2nd place = x – 1
  • 3rd place = x – 2, etc.

With the overall score for the show being a sum of the scores earned within each trial. This overall score from each show is reported by show management to WE United and used for the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard points are representative of points earned at shows, not placings.

To help ‘level the playing field’ for the purpose of the Year-End awards for WE United, we calculate points earned at licensed competitions based purely on the Level ridden (without further separating out by Youth, Amateur, and Open divisions). This process enables competitors across the country to have a more equal opportunity to earn points, based purely on their performance compared to others in the country riding at their level. Event organizers might well decide to award prizes based on rider divisions, etc., but when we calculate points earned, those calculations are based on the total # of entries in that level at that competition. This approach ensures that individual competitors are not inadvertently penalized with small class numbers (and thus lower possible points to be earned) when event organizers opt to offer different divisions at a competition. All the points reflected on the 2017 Leaderboard reflect this approach.

What shows can scores be earned at?
For the competition year December 1, 2015 to November 30, 2016, scores from any A-rated, B-rated, or championship working equitation classes sanctioned by WE United, WEIAUSA, USFWE, or USEF with accredited judges are counted toward the WE United Annual Leaderboard. A complete list of the shows counted toward the WE United Annual Leaderboard will be available on the WE United website.

How frequently is the WE United Annual Leaderboard updated?
The WE United Annual Leaderboard is updated as show scores become available, at least once per month. The final year-end results will be available no later than one month after the end of the competition season and will be announced in a press release on the WE United blog and social media.

Does the horse or rider pair have to remain the same for Leaderboard purposes?
Not for every program. For the WE United Annual Leaderboard points, horses’ points are represented irrespective of their riders, and riders’ points are represented irrespective of their horses. The WE United Leaderboard also recognizes horse/rider pairs.

Can a horse or rider be featured on the Leaderboard for more than one level?
Yes. Horse and rider scores are recorded for any and all levels at which they compete. For example, if a rider competes at Novice level on one horse and at Intermediate level on another horse, their overall scores for both levels will be reported to WE United. These points will go toward the Novice and Intermediate level Annual Leaderboard point calculations, respectively. Therefore, it is possible that a rider or horse may appear on the WE United Leaderboard at more than one level.

What is the benefit of being on the WE United Leaderboard?
WE United publishes and maintains the Leaderboard on its public website, here, providing recognition and exposure for top horses and riders throughout the nation. In addition, the Leaderboard results may be shared in social media or reported by the press.

Year-end recognition and awards are provided for the leading horse, leading American rider, leading International rider, and leading horse/rider pair at each level. More details about these awards will be released as they become available.

What happens to the WE United Annual Leaderboard at the end of the competition season?
The points and standings for the WE United Annual Leaderboard are calculated based on the WE United competition season calendar: December 1 to November 30. At the end of the competition season, the WE United Annual Leaderboard resets. An archive of the finals results of the Annual Leaderboard from each year will remain on the WE United website.

Can I sponsor the WE United Leaderboard?
Yes! Individuals or companies interested in sponsoring the WE United Annual Leaderboard year-end awards are encouraged to contact This is a unique sponsorship opportunity to gain exposure in an active community of Working Equitation riders and enthusiasts.