Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find complete details about the WE United Rider Medalist Program.

How are the scores calculated at shows with more than one judge?
At competitions with multiple judges per class, the average score derived from all of the judges’ scores in the Dressage and Ease of Handling trials will be used. In other words, competitors receive a maximum of one qualifying score per ride at a competition, regardless of the number of judges officiating. Scores earned at competitions with multiple judges will be considered as having come from a judge different from any of the individual judges officiating. That is, if a rider competes under Judge A at both a competition where Judge A is the only judge and at a competition where Judge A is team-judging with Judge B, then the score earned as the average of Judge A and Judge B scores will be considered a unique Judge’s score (neither Judge A nor Judge B), and will thus be eligible for meeting the requirement that the scores come from two (2) different judges.

Can a rider earn more than one WE United rider medal?
Yes. A rider may earn any or all of the WE United rider medals provided they earn the required scores at WE United competitions and successfully complete and submit the required form. A rider may not earn the same medal more than once.

Does a rider have to earn the required scores riding the same horse?
No. This performance award program is designed to recognize individual rider’s accomplishments, irrespective of the horse(s) they ride.

Does the rider have to own the horse they earn the scores on?
No. A rider may earn the required scores on any horse, owned by any person, company, or syndicate. Horses competing at WE United competitions must be recorded with WE United. WE United’s horse recording is a free service to WE United members.

Does it matter when the scores are earned?
No. A rider may earn the scores during any competition year for which they are a WE United member in good standing.

Do scores from Working Equitation shows not licensed by WE United count?
No. The WE United Rider Medalist Program is designed to recognize a rider’s performance in WE United licensed competitions only.

What do I do if there are not many WE United shows near me to earn qualifying scores?
Certain parts of the country may have limited access to WE United Working Equitation competitions at this time. If travel out of area is not possible for you, consider getting actively involved in your local community to host WE United licensed competitions. Additionally, there is no time limit for earning the required scores. This means you can earn your scores over months, years, or a lifetime.

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