Performance Records

WE United has maintained a comprehensive database of scores and placings from all licensed working equitation competitions judged by a WE United licensed judge since 2016. This database, which currently uses a “GoogleSheets” file  organized by competition year, enables one to search the performance record of every horse and rider competing in the sport under WE United licensed judges.

The database includes Rider and Horse Name and WE United number, Level, Division, and # of entries in class, Scores, Placings, and Points earned for each trial as well as Overall Placings and Points, and [starting with the 2018 competition year] Mandatory Advancement Points earned, if any.

This online resource serves several important purposes.

First, it provides a way for competitors to verify that their scores have been reported accurately and that their year-end standings (for Regional and National Awards) have been calculated correctly.

Second, it provides an easy way for judges to document the number of competitors they have judged at each level (judge promotion, in part, depends on the number of rides an official has judged).

Third, it provides a way for people interested in finding a trainer, a clinician, or a horse to verify their performance record, making it easier to understand whether a particular individual’s skill set matches what one is looking for.

CLICK HERE to access the competition database