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Peter Halay and his Appaloosa Harlequin Daisy

Peter Halay and his Appaloosa Harlequin Daisy are one of our 2019 WE United Year-End High Point Breed Award winners. In 2019, this wonderful team placed #10 for Horse/Rider, and#10 for Horse at the Introductory Level. WE United recently sent out Awards Ribbons to the WE National Award winners, and here is an email message we received from Mr. Halay.

“Last year in 2019, Daisy and I participated in almost half a season of Working Equitation. Through all of our struggles and hard work, we learned a lot, met new people, and made new friends. We were disappointed that we were not able to finish the season, but we recently got a surprise in the mail. We are honored to accept the Appaloosa Breed National high point award for Working Equitation North America! Thank you to everyone who supported us in our first year showing, and congratulations to everyone who moved ahead to compete in the North American Championship!”


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