Please Welcome Our New Officials!

After extensive review by the WE United Licensed Officials Committee (including over 14 hours of interviews, documentation of experience officiating, familiarity with the sport of Working Equitation and the United States Rules for Working Equitation, reference checking, demonstration of knowledge in both written and practical exams, etc.), we are delighted to welcome 15 new and recently-promoted judges (ranging from Learner to Senior-level) as well as 8 licensed Technical Delegates (ranging from Learner to fully-licensed TD) to the WE United Officials List.

Newly-promoted judges include Doreen Atkinson (TX), Wayne Hipsley (KY), and Michael Vermaas (TX) (moving from “R” to “S” status) and Cari Schwartz (OR) (moving from “L” to ‘r’ status).

Newly licensed judges include Kim Peterson (Aus) (“R”), Nicole Chastain Price (CA), Polly Limond (CA), and Kim Roe (WA) (‘r’), and Deb Erickson (Alberta), Lisa Harding (TX), Jane Renner (CO), Kimberly da Silva (VA), Rhonda Smith (CA), and Kristen Snyder (WA) (“L”).

Newly-licensed Technical Delegates include Elizabeth Morosani (NC), Ashley Bowers (AZ), Trish Hyatt (BC), Bruce W. Menke (TX), and Deb Erickson (Alberta) (full TD), as well as Bunny Caton (Alberta), Kim Peterson (Australia), and Kaylene Selk-Toews (OR) (“L” TD).

Contact information for each of the officials can be found on our website’s Judge & TD page.

Note: In all cases, to avoid issues related to potential conflict of interest, in situations where an applicant was serving on a decision-making body (either a member of the WE United Licensed Officials Committee, the Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors), said applicant recused him/herself from all discussion and voting on any matters pertaining to his/her application.


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