Horse Recording

To facilitate performance tracking, WE United provides free horse recording services for Working Equitation competitors. Horses and ponies of all breeds, as well as mules and donkeys, are welcome to compete in Working Equitation.

Recording your Working Equitation horse automatically enrolls your horse in WE United’s Performance Awards Programs. You can see the WE United Annual Leaderboard here, which features the leading horses at each level in the United States from scores earned at licensed Working Equitation competitions.

You can record your Working Equitation horses for free by filling out our Online Horse Recording Form, here.

You can search for a particular horse’s WE United Recording Number by using the “Find” command on your computer and then typing in the horse’s name. Your computer should search through the spreadsheet and bring up the horse’s name. You can then click into the cell with the horse’s name and use your computer’s arrow keys to “move to the right” in the database table to find the horse’s recording number.

For those of you who prefer the direct link to our Google Sheets page, you can access that HERE.