Rules Updated for the 2018 Competition Year

The United States Rules for Working Equitation have been updated, with the changes going into effect beginning December 1, 2017. The Rules and Dressage Tests on the WE United website were updated on November 22, 2017. WE United would like to thank our representative to the rules committee, Barbara Price, for her service on that committee.

You can download the 2018 Rules by clicking on this link:

United States Rules for Working Equitation

The changes to the rules vary from quite minor (clarifying that competitors are allowed to handle parts of obstacles during the course walk) to more substantive. Some of the more significant changes include: reducing the minimum number of obstacles required for Masters level from 15 to 12, stipulating that the course marker is no longer considered to be part of the obstacle, clarifying that failure to ride through the entry/exit markers in the direction indicated results in disqualification, removing the time penalty during the Speed trial for touching or bumping obstacles or knocking over obstacle numbers (knocking over an obstacle still results in a time penalty), and adding the option for the course designer to require that the Drums obstacle be completed starting with the drum on the left side.

In addition, the Rules Committee has changed the requirement related to qualification for Championships in three ways. First, the rules now allow the organization hosting Regional and National Championships to designate the time period during which qualifying scores must be earned. Second, the rules have changed the requirement that a minimum score of both 58% must be earned in both Dressage and EOH to require an average of 58% minimum across the two trials to qualify. Finally, the rules now limit participation in National Championships to riders who have lived in the United States for six consecutive months.

The chart of all the changes is in the revised rules, but is also repeated here for our readers’ convenience:


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