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Show Report: 2017 Heart of Texas Series #3

Twenty-eight horse/rider teams came together at Watts Way Arena to compete in the third competition in the 2017 Heart of Texas WE show series, judged by Michael Vermaas, Texas.

For the purpose of WE United Year-End Awards, the results have been computed for the overall Levels, regardless of the Division (Youth, Amateur, Open) in which the scores were earned.

Meredith Villarial and Georgia’s Starbuck placed first in both Dressage and Ease of Handling to win the three-entry Introductory Youth class. Their performance was also good enough to place them first out of five when Amateur and Youth divisions were combined.

In the 7-entry Novice A class, Youth rider Stacey Peuplie and Sharp Drezzed Man placed 1st in Dressage and Speed and 3rd in Ease of Handling to earn the top honors out of seven riders from Youth, Amateur, and Open divisions combined.

In the 3-entry Novice B class, Amateur rider Deidra Keithley and Kiss My Angel swept all three trials to take home top honors. In the process, this dynamic horse/rider team secured their spot as the #1 Novice Level Horse/Rider team in the National Standings.

The 7-entry Intermediate A class was again dominated by Amateurs, with Jade Gonzales coming in first on Fineleehetouchedme and 3rd on Luppy’s Boyfriend and Kiki Pantaze and Sandhaven Late to the Party coming in 2nd, when Amateur and Open divisions were combined. Lisa Harding was the top-placing Open division rider in the class riding Sandhaven Shameless.

Rebecca Algar and Bellalena Boonsmal came in 2nd in Dressage and Ease of Handling and took the blue in Speed to take the overall win in the 3-entry Intermediate B class, while Doreen Atkinson and Obadi del Dios turned in solid performances in Dressage and Speed at the Masters level.

Congratulations to youth rider Jaedon Warren and Amateur rider Deidra Keithley, both of whom earned their first qualifying score toward their Bronze Lifetime Rider Medals at the event.  Jade Gonzales earned her third qualifying score toward her Silver Lifetime Rider Medal.

This event helped move several Texas riders up the Leaderboard. Look for updates on National Standings for Jade Watts Gonzales, Kiki Pantaze, Terri Watts, Lisa Harding, Deidra Keithley, Jaedon Warren, Stacey Peuplie, Susan Dossett, Patricia Nunley Mertz, Kathelene Faust, and Emily Hyde!

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the complete results


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