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Show Report: Carousel Charity Horse Show, AZ

Twenty-three competitors enjoyed two days of Working Equitation competition at the Carousel Charity Horse Show at Westworld of Scottsdale, Arizona, March 16-17, 2018. The event was licensed by the Confederation for Working Equitation and judged by Juan Jose del Valle, a WAWE-licensed judge from Mexico. Thus, points from the show do count toward WE United year-end awards; however, because the show was not licensed by WE United, scores do not count toward riders’ Lifetime Rider Medals.

(Riders are reminded that they have 30 days from the day the competition ended to join WE United or renew their memberships / register their horses in order for points earned at a competition to count toward WE United year-end awards.)

Yazmine Orozco and Belinda won the two-person Children’s Level class, with Kayla Adams and Hollywood Merridoc coming in 2nd.

Colorado member Jody Dawn Sauer and her P.R.E. Majestad del C swept the 8-entry Introductory level class, coming in first in both Dressage (81.6%) and Ease of Handling (80.63%) to bring home the Champion Sash. Lynn Silver and Dash came in 2nd overall in that class, with a 5th-place finish in Dressage (76%) and a 2nd-place win in Ease of Handling (78.75%). Her 3rd-place finish, with 9 points, in conjunction with points earned at previous shows, was enough to launch Arizona member Ashley Bowers to the #1 spot in the National standings for Introductory Level riders.

Arizona member Tammy Williams had a very successful show. She and Henri Dos Pinhais swept the 5-entry Novice A class, winning first in all three trials (87.83% in Dressage; 82.89% in Ease of Handling, and finishing the Speed trial in 126.028 seconds). Tammy and Davidoff DC won the 5-entry Intermediate B class, placing 2nd in Dressage (79.74%) and 1st in both Ease of Handling (85.26%) and Speed 109.313 seconds.

Tania Radda and Teodoro III placed 2nd in all three trials to come in 2nd overall in the Novice A class (80.44% in Dressage, 79.44% in Ease of Handling, and 172.364 seconds in Speed.

Miguel Undabarrena and Gunipre placed 1st in Dressage (80.69%) and Speed (110.326 seconds) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (61.11%) t0 take home first place overall in the two-entry Novice B class. Samantha Jepson rode Valiant to a 2nd-place finish in Dressage and Speed, but won the Ease of Handling trial (71.11%) in that class.

Katherine Calkins and Wicked James Blonde won the 1-entry Intermediate A class with a 77.78% in Dressage, 80.53% in Ease of Handling, and 145.395 seconds in Speed.

As mentioned previously, Tammy Williams and Davidoff DC won the 5-entry Intermediate B class. Margaret Kurbat and Solana placed 1st in Dressage (80.26%), 3rd in Ease of Handling (77.38%) and 2nd in Speed (140.341) to take home the Reserve Champion sash.

Roy Pelkey rode his Quarter Horse gelding Flashy Freddie to a 1st-place finish in the 1-entry Advanced class, earning 86.36% in Dressage, 87.37 in Ease of Handling, and finishing the Speed course in 126.703 seconds.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the results.


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