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Show Report: Creek Hollow Ranch, Memorial Day Weekend, II

Organizers at Creek Hollow Ranch in Ramona, California, were busy over the Memorial Day weekend, hosting two one-day back-to-back B-Rated WE United shows, both judged by Rebecca Algar, R, Texas. Sunday’s show had 20 entries, making for a very full day.

Sarah Pinney and Andalusian Mil Amores RDL took 2nd in Dressage (72.40%, collective marks of 59) and 1st in Ease of Handling (76.25%) to win 1st-place overall in the six-entry Introductory Open class. Carlos Estrada and P.R.E. Andalusian Canero XVII came in 1st in Dressage (72.40%, collective marks of 61) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (60.63%) to win 2nd-place overall. Jeff Ohaco and Grade horse El Campeón’s Monterey took 3rd in Dressage (68.00%) and Ease of Handling (58.75%) to win 3rd-place overall.

Amanda Pelloth and Friesian Umada TCF swept the eight-entry Introductory Amateur class, with a 75.2% in Dressage and  73.13 in Ease of Handling to win 1st-place overall. It’s worth mentioning that these scores were sufficiently high to have secured Amanda and Umada TCF the victory in the Open division as well, had they entered that. Amanda also won 2nd-place overall in the class, on Quarter Horse Sheza Ritzy Chic, with a 4th-place finish in Dressage (66.80%) and a 4th place in Ease of Handling (43.13%). Alice Owens and P.R.E. Tempranillo XIII placed 7th in Dressage (52.60%) and 3rd in Ease of Handling (53.13%) to take home 3rd-place overall honors.

Nicole Chastain Price and P.R.E. Andalusian Paso Doble WAE came in 3rd in Dressage (63.40%), 1st in Ease of Handling (72.35%), and 3rd in Speed (3:24.625) to win 1st-place overall in the three-entry Novice A Open class. Margit Deerman and P.R.E. Panadero XLVI came in 2nd in Dressage (68.26%), Ease of Handling (62.06%), and Speed (3:23.90) to win 2nd-place overall. Bryan Ludens and Friesian Lark of Honor Bright took 1st place in both Dressage (71.30%) and Speed (2:59.14), but disqualified in Ease of Handling to finish 3rd-place overall.

Val Pearson and P.R.E. Andalusian FS Tesoro Nobel finished all three trials to secure the Overall win in the single-entry Novice A Amateur class, scoring 65.65% in Dressage and 62.92% in Ease of Handling, and finishing her Speed round in 3:19.15. It’s also worth noting that their performance would have placed them 1st overall had Open and Amateur been combined at the Novice A level. Well done, Val!

Nicole Chastain Price rode her Lusitano Esbelto CL to a 1st place finish in all three trials in the one-entry Novice B class, scoring 62.41% in Dressage, 74.71% in Ease of Handling, and finishing the Speed round in 3:41.46. In the process, Nicole earned the final score she needed to secure her Lifetime Bronze Rider Medal. Congratulations, Nicole!

Robin Bond and the Kiger Mustang Kiger Dios Estoy Aquí won the one-entry Intermediate A class, with a 66.61% in Dressage, 73.53% in Ease of Handling, and a Speed time of 2:39.345.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the results. 


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