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Show Report: HCWE 2018 Show at Colorado Horse Expo

High Country Working Equitation returned once again to the Colorado Horse Expo in Denver, Colorado for a licensed WE Competition judged by Tarrin Warren (in addition to several days of clinics after the show).

In all, 24 horse/rider pairs competed in classes ranging from Introductory through Intermediate B. The show offered both Open and Amateur divisions and was licensed with the Confederation for Working Equitation.

Because the judge is licensed by WE United, points earned by WE United members at the event are able to count for our Regional and National Year-End awards, and our Leaderboard has been updated to reflect points earned at the event.

At the request of the Board of Directors of High Country Working Equitation, this show report is limited to reporting the results of WE United members who participated at the event. In addition, we have redacted the posted results so that only WE United members’ scores are viewable. According to a letter from HCWE, “HCWE has established policy which stipulates that show results will not be published on a national level. The club has a lot of new members, many of whom are showing for the first time. In order to protect them the club will not publicize show results.”

WE United members Samantha Winsett on her Morgan Arboria Emerald Coast and Jane Brueckner on Morgan The County Agent finished with 16 points each, but Samantha’s higher average Dressage and Ease of Handling score secured her the overall Reserve Champion Introductory Amateur place, with Jane finishing 3rd overall. Samantha and Arborria Emerald Coast finished 4th-place in Dressage (55.2%) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (62.06%), while Jane and The County Agent finished 2nd in Dressage (58.20%) and 4th in Ease of Handling (58.24%).

WE United member Kim Speek on Tango finished 3rd in Dressage (60.22%) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (59.41) and Speed to take home the Reserve Champion award for the Novice A Amateurclass.

WE United member Allison Mazurkiewicz and Ziva GPA were awarded Reserve Champion in the Novice B class, with a 58.04% in Dressage and a 58.82% in Ease of Handling.

Jo Teter and her mule Teter’s Copy of Bandy successfully completed all three trials to win the 1-entry Novice B Amateur class, with a 62.41% in Dressage and a 58.82% in Ease of Handling.

Sharon Vadas and Jitterbug won the 2-entry Intermediate A Amateur class with a 54.72% in Dressage and a 50.83% in Ease of Handling.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the redacted results.



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