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Show Report: Highlander Ranch WE Show

Highlander Ranch at McClennan Community College in Waco, Texas, welcomed eleven horse/rider pairs to a small but well-run Working Equitation competition on February 16-17, 2019. Sue Watkins, r, California, judged the event.

Claire Edwards competed on two horses. She and Tennessee Walking Horse Señorita S earned 63.96% in Dressage and 58.75% in Ease of Handling to win the one-entry Introductory Gaited Division Youth class. She and Edgar earned 64.79% in Dressage an 58.75% in Ease of Handling to win the one-entry Introductory Youth class.

Megan Kenney, who rode three different horses in the four-entry Introductory Open class, was kept hopping! She and Gypsy Vanner Aisling Cibarra Snow swept the class, earning 70.21% in Dressage and 72.81% in Ease of Handling for the overall win. Megan and N’Co So Hot I Sizzle, another Gypsy Vanner, earned 66.88% to place 2nd in Dressage and 71.88% to place 1st in Ease of Handling to capture 2nd place overall. And, on Andalusian Piñon BMF, she came in 4th in Dressage (57.71%), 3rd in Ease of Handling (70%) to finish 3rd overall. L. Karen Brown and her Half-Andalusian Juno placed 3rd in Dressage (59.38%) and 4th in Ease of Handling (67.19%) to finish 4th overall.

Pam Jordan and her grade Tennessee Walker Jedadiah won the two-entry Introductory Level Gaited class, scoring 55.42% for a 2nd place finish in Dressage and 63.13% for a 1st place finish in EOH. Pat Stouter rode her Tennessee Walking Horse Heritage’s Serendipity to a 2nd place finish overall in the class. The two won the dressage trial with a score of 58.54% but disqualified in EOH.

Lindsay Thiele and her Half-Andalusian The Amazing Teodoro swept the two-entry Introductory Amateur class, with a Dressage score of 58.96% and an EOH score of 60%, while Michele Harris and her Quarter Horse Tivitos Lil Gal placed 2nd in Dressage (56.88%) and disqualified in Speed to come in 2nd overall.

The sole Novice A competitors at the show, Michele Dupy and her Lusitano/Kiger Mustang mare Bayo la Reyna earned 58.64% in Dressage and 56.39% in Ease of Handling to take home 1st place overall.

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