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Show Report: Independence Weekend, I

Seventeen horse/rider pairs competed in the WE United show at Fox Valley Saddle Association in Hampshire, Illinois, on Saturday, June 30, 2018, under judge Polly Limond, r, California. Sharon Kinney, from Wisconsin served as technical delegate for the weekend.

Kris Blacklock and her Rocky Mountain Horse Gambler’s Jackpot took home the Overall Champion award in the two-entry Gaited Horse Division, Introductory level, with 61.40% in Dressage and 72.30% in Ease of Handling. Andrea Marcinkus and her Spotted Saddle Horse Rorschach Valentine took the overall Reserve Champion in the class, with 58.6% in Dressage and 68% in Ease of Handling.

Kris Blacklock also swept the 8-entry Introductory Open class, on her Quarter Horse Boon Ocean Blue, earning 69.8% in Dressage and 74.3% in Ease of Handling. Toni Harmon and her Quarter Horse ELS Scottish Lad came in 4thin Dressage (64.8%) and 2ndin Ease of Handling (72%) to earn Reserve Champion overall.  Heather Lekan and Welsh/Arabian cross Yaya’s Bayou Olympian placed 2ndin Dressage (66.4%) and 6thin Ease of Handling (65.66%) to finish 3rdplace overall.

Maureen Tolemy and her breeding stock Paint Comedian’s Silkyair came in 2ndin Dressage (60.65%) and 1stin Ease of Handling (66.88%) and Speed (2:25.1) to win Champion in the three-entry Novice A class. Alex Tyson, who drove over from Michigan for the event, came in 1stin Dressage (61.09%) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (65.63%) and Speed (2:53.0) to win Reserve Champion on her Quarter Horse Chex My Loaded Gun. Linda Sabatini and her Andalusian stallion Acierto G successfully completed all three trials to finish third place overall.

Howard Peet and Andalusian stallion Luchador BP won the overall Champion title in the four-entry Intermediate A class, coming in Reserve Champion with Andalusian mare Fresona ROY.

Both Maureen Tolemy and Alex Tyson also earned their first qualifying scores toward their Lifetime Bronze Rider medals at this show.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the results.


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