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Show Report: Kansas Buckle Series #3

R & D Ranch welcomed 25 competitors to the Working Equitation Kansas Buckle Series #3 competition on August 27, 2017.

Cyndi Harris and Cowboy Cooter placed 2nd in Dressage (71.19%) and 1st in Ease of Handling (70.28%) to clinch the victory in the 11-entry Introductory class, with Cindy Branham and Lucky, a mustang, coming in second.

Youth rider Madison Branham rode Patriot the Mustang to the overall 1st place win in the 6-entry Novice A class, coming in 3rd overall on her second ride, Joshua the Mustang. Dan Keil and RCC Nottingham trailed just three points behind Madison to win 2nd place overall in this class.

Kim McBroom and Appendix Quarter Horse Oakley Twisten Lark came in 1st in both Dressage and Ease of Handling, stockpiling enough points to win 1st place overall in the 4-entry Novice B class, while Linda Frazier and Starlight Express, Quarter Horse, came in 2nd overall at the Novice B level.

Caroline Holloway and Paint horse Jetalito Dash won the 1-entry Intermediate A class with a 55% in Dressage, a 60.26% in Ease of Handling, and a DQ in Speed.

Bill Walton and Quarter Horse Pepto’s San Vanna swept the 2-entry Intermediate B class, taking 1st place in all three trials (63.22% in Dressage, 65% in Ease of handling, and 134.36 second in the Speed round).

With the points from this show added to the National Leaderboard, Linda Frazier and Rosie’s Chexie Lady are currently 10th in the nation for Intermediate-level horse/rider pair, while Linda is 9th overall among Intermediate-level American riders.

Meanwhile, Madison Branham has bolted into the #1 spot in the Nation for Novice-level Junior Riders. At the Introductory level, Rebecca Jill and Kate Fowler have moved into the 4th-place position in National Standings for horse/rider pairs and Kara Honeysuckle-Mehaffy and Diaman H De La Crème are holding the 8th place, nationally.

Riding — and doing well with —  multiple horses is really paying off for Cindy Branham, who has moved into the #1 spot in the National Standings for Introductory-level American riders, while Kara Honeysuckle-Mehaffy holds the 8th position at that level.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the show results


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