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Show Report: Mother’s Day Weekend, II

Mother’s Day, 2018, welcomed fifteen horse/rider pairs to a full day of Working Equitation at the Mother’s Day Weekend II WE United show at the Fox Valley Saddle Association in Hampshire, Illinois.

The show was judged by Cari Schwartz, r, Oregon, with Sharon Kinney doing double duty as Technical Delegate and Gate Steward. Maureen Tolemy volunteered as scribe for both Saturday and Sunday’s shows, and Julie Alonzo served as Show Manager and Secretary.

At the request of competitors, the Introductory level class was offered in two sections: one for gaited horses and one for non-gaited horses. In the two-entry Gaited Horse section, Kris Blacklock and her Rocky Mountain Horse Gambler’s Jackpot came in 2nd in Dressage (62.8%) and 1st in Ease of Handling (65%) to win the Overall Champion for the division, while Andrea Marcinkus and her Spotted Saddle Horse Rorschach Valentine won Dressage (63%) but went off course in Ease of Handling to finish as Reserve Champion. Kris Blacklock and her Quarter Horse mare Boon Ocean Blue came in 3rd in Dressage (65.2%) and 1st in Ease of Handling (70.29%) to win the Overall Champion title in the eight-entry Introductory non-gaited division. Eleanor Thomas rode her Andalusian RA Comandante to a 1st place finish in Dressage (67.8%) ad a 6th in Ease of Handling to finish as Reserve Champion. Sandy Klinkey and Coco Babe, her Spotted Saddle Horse, came in 3rd overall, with a 6th place finish in Dressage (63.3%) and a 2nd  in Ease of Handling (67.06%).

Howard Peet and his Andalusian Jubiloso del C swept all three trials to take home the Championship title in the three-entry Novice A class, with a 65.65% in Dressage, a 72.11% in Ease of Handling, and a 2:41.3 in Speed, in the process adding his second and third qualifying score toward his Lifetime Bronze Rider Medal. Kim Corcoran and her Appaloosa Ziploose N Fan C Me came in 3rd in Dressage (60.65%), and 2nd in Ease of Handling (64.42%) and Speed (2:43.0) to win Reserve Champion, adding a qualifying score toward her Lifetime Bronze Rider Medal as well. Linda Sabatini and her Andalusian Acierto G took 2nd in Dressage (61.96%) and 3rd in Ease of Handling (56.32%) and Speed (3:49.7) to finish the day in third-place Overall.

Heather Lekan and her Quarter Horse Mizz Cora swept the two-entry Intermediate A class, earning a 56.11% in Dressage, a 62.21% in Ease of Handling, and finishing the Speed trial in 2:51.3, in the process earning a qualifying score toward Heather’s Silver Lifetime Rider Medal.

Howard Peet and Jubiloso del C won the prize basket donated by Righeimer Law Firm for earning the highest average Dressage and Ease of Handling scores, combined (68.88%).

The next two Region 5 WE United licensed shows will take place June 30 and July 1, once again at the Fox Valley Saddle Association facility, with the final shows of the year for the region being planned for September 7-8 in Michigan.

To accommodate Region 5 members with Gaited Horses, these upcoming shows will also offer a division specifically for Gaited Horses (still using the dressage tests from the United States Rules for Working Equitation, of course). We will offer the Gaited Horse split for awards at any levels where we have at least 2 entries (Introductory, Novice A, etc.).

Points earned at the four shows being held in Illinois as well as the September show in Michigan will be included in computing Region 5 High Point Awards for 2018.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the show results.


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